Feb 25, 2010

fashion weeks.

i must say, i was quite (kinda dissapointed) with new york fashion week. i must admit i didint see all of the shows, as in images of them. they were all kinda un-wearable for me. but then again, like i said i didint see all the images, i was only limited to pictures that fellow bloggers posted. but ohmagosh, london fashion week are really pulling it all out. i could'nt go without sharing some of the photos from two different shows that i was absolutely impressed by. Both Eerdem and House of Holland had some amazing clothes. But i think most of it was down to the styling of the show.
Here are some coveted favoutites.

absolutely GORGEOUS! that colour.. :O
kazz; xo
it was my first ever PR class tonight, after two whole years of doing my degree in business (majoring in PR mind you..) and a degree in CI. seriously made me passionate all over again for my course/career. the lecturer is HILARIOUS AND COOL. but i just know that the assignment work is going to be hard as bruzz. and then..i had to wait for over an hour for the my next bus.
as i had to walk from uni into the city to catch it.. all because i wanted friggin starbucks which is now making me ill to my stomach. and probs will keep me awake all night. YAY! :]
i woud like to share with ya'll, a song that made my night tonight bearable.. haha. its by my modern day poets. the one and only HOVA - Jay-Z featuring MR WEST (Kanye West). Its called Hate.
and my favourite lines from this songs are..
*soz babes.. but offensive language comin your way.
These n-ggas haters, and I made myself so easy to love,"
"My hussle, so Russell,
I stretch work, Yoga,
You know i got it down dog, Al Roker,
I used to knock pounds off,
It ain’t nothing for me to knock Nouns off,
these MC’s praying for my downfall,
They just haters, I wave at you,
I’m so player,
I’ll never be done, I’m so reyer,"
:) haha..
also.. i just had to take photos of my look for uni today.
purely because i plucked up the courage to wear a side samurai bun. (well thats what i am calling it. haha)
plus, finally found a way to wear my vintage scarf. was like $7 from St. Vinnies. YAY
ps, my skin not looking its best. so pls.. dont judge.
i especially love how this photo makes me look
like i have ghost eyes. HECK YES.

kazz; xo

Feb 22, 2010

Day 1, Year 3.

*first of all can i start by saying, effin BNE public transport, effin get your act together. there are some of us who need to get to uni on time.

and, so first day back at uni, being a fashion/style blogger (amongst other things) of course i notice the new wave of chic'ing it up for even the mundane days of university. Women and Men all over competing to be a fashion sensation in their designated degrees/lectures/tutorials.

what i love about my university(/degree) is that i belong to two VERY DIFFERENT campuses, one being the business campus and the other, a more artistic, human arts campus. and as such the polarity of both campuses' fashion is amusing, to say the least. my first day back belong to the later campus, and the people watching here, is what makes me go back to uni to do work every semester. :)
and so, if you are lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on how you see it i guess) to be placed at KG, there is one thing that plagues the minds of its students every morning..

Okay I can admit that no all everyone is that vain (or are you?). But for the rest of us, we liked to stand out/fit in into the campus that breads the future's "IT" people (fashionistas, musicians, dancers, actors/actresses, journalist) or any of these combination...This is a culture that slowly(but fiercely) that has gained momentum. well this is what i have noticed anyway.. that what we wear to this particular campus is more important as the day goes by..(pls feel free to argue otherwise, if this isnt the case :) )
The message clearly states: GET ECLECTIC OR GET OUT!

So what did I notice as I got on the bus this morning on my way to uni.
A lot of pastels.. and bold make up choices. Namely, hot red lips, defined black eyeliners, short cropped hair styles. all of which i love when ppl watching :). And, pls dnt get me started on all the ethnic jewellery and VINTAGE/OP SHOP LOOKING ACCESSORIES  that was going on at KG. (granted that being a uni student doesnt mean you have money to spend on Gucci bags and Loui V - so perhaps we all need a lil op-shop loving) who ho ho... and let us not forget the waves of Wayfarers (both faux and originals).
i seriously need to find some new sunnies.. i unfortunately only suit the ray-ban shape.. so its harder for me to wear sunnies other than wayfarers....
AND, if you though that this vanity (fabulous none the less) was only reserved to clothes/jewellery/shoes etc etc etc.. you are poorly mistaken. its the whole image buddy.
"have you got white ear buds firmly placed, so no mistakes you for a non-mp3/ipod user"
"making sure your laptop sleeve doesnt cover the glow of the half bitten apple"

yes, i am a very good observer. ;)
Granted it was only the first day, so all our young guppies will probs slack off later in the semester, when they have about three assignments due all in the same week..

No one in their Anna Wintour mind forgoes comfort/blase attitude for style. Uni style is a class of its own, and should definitely be a place where you should let your artistic/fashionable side flair, no matter what degree you're completing. FASHION STUDENT OR NOT, you go ahead break out that Sunday Dress and MAC Lipstick. Cause hey. 
If you're having a sucky day at uni not knowing where youre next class is and havent actually completed the readings for that week. You can relish in the fact that you're doing it  ALL IN STYLE.

kazz; xo

60th post :)

 this really should have been the post abt first day back at uni YR3.
buttt.. i decided i that one will have to wait till this afternoon.
and so, we came to this.
if you havent watched it. you sooo should.
its hilarious, and emancipating. 
really just a good show. and you can help but like Belle. She is just cool..hahaha
but one of the best things I like abt this show, is the wardrobe/styling.
she is one of the best dressed characters in the tv show arena. right after the usual gaggle of shows like Gossip Girl etc.
I really do look for the styling in this show for inspiration. For uni wardrobe especially. Its classy and cool.
Definitely check it out people. :)

kazz; xo

Feb 20, 2010


 kazz; xo

waking up feeling like p.diddy - really?

 i just saw a video hits episode.
i havent watched one in a very long time. unemployment does that to you.. makes you dwelve into things that are just sad. case in point. KE$HA.(no she doesnt deserve the font change or italics)
crap singer, crap music, try hard.
i get a feeling she is trying to channel Peaches...anyone else get this feeling?
granted she can indeed sing live. and looks like a semi-good live act,
but there is no way i would myself through that shizz for an hour and half.
i'm probably the girl who will stick around for the warm up acts and skiddadle outa there when she "graces" the stage.
anyone know if she writes her own music?
if someone else does.. then she is just
---LOL just read that she was a backup singer for one of Paris Hilton;s songs.. noice.
okay, so i wikipedia'ed the chick. she actually does writer her own songs.
so maybe stick to the day job?

kazz; xo

Feb 18, 2010

yewwwwwww :)

I will be in the front section in exactly two week to witness the hilarity that is JT.
Josh Thomas that is... hahaha I wish it was Justin Timberlake.
although he would be as hilarious.
ohh right right, i should do a lil debrief.
Josh Thomas is a Brisbane comedian (who I used to bump into alllll the time in the valls and uni)
He empowers and represents the GEN Y! spot on Talkin' About Your Generation, and appears on Good News Week, The 7PM Project..(can you tell how much i love channel 10
awww how we love this boy. hahah
rumour is he is going out with Tom Ballard from the TripleJ Morning Duo. but not toooo sure on that one.
anyway his show "SURPRISE" willll be at The Powerhouse, here in BNE in March.
There are still tix available (just click the powerhouse link to get you there)
And can you belive tix were only $29.. :] Go and get some.
SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

also.. didint know if you guys know or are interested..
hahah.. i have a twitter (click> to get to my page)
and start following the love ppl. :)

kazz; xo

Feb 17, 2010


so, recently i have been following this blogger at k a t e l o v e s m e..
he is just deeeeeeeeevine, and as such I am dubbing him Candy of the Month.. ;)
he rolls with alexa chung, wears kilts and doc martens, and ray bands.... ARGH (everything minus the kilt..seriously is like a perfect combination!) *read: on a guy..
(i think this has to do with my slightly unhelathy obsession with James Dean) (and it aint hard to see why)
so i present to you.
Prince Pelayo.
images: via katelovesme.net

kazz; xo

Feb 14, 2010

taaaaavi. :)

recently was introduced to this crazy THIRTEEN year old girl, in america. living my life really.
hahahah.. well not really. but i wish i was this well dressed when i was 13. slash 14.
saw her in a blog post, talked abt her to my friend LB, and decided that i would follow her.
she is posing for the cover of Love Magazine (via Style Rookie)

kazz; xo

got beef.

so i do love rihanna's music. i have all her cd's

...and it is kinda grinding my gears that her latest single - RUDE BOY  is like AMAZING... but the video clip. arrrghhhh the video clip.
its a complete effin ripp off of M.I.A's video clips!!!
that woman is a genius! (M.I.A) in this case.
RiRi needs some original ideas ASAP.
1. the hair do is a bit of a janelle monae.
2. video clip/dancing/outfits/gaaahhh is all kinda M.I.A'esque.

here are some comparisons peeps.

but I DO STRESS that I heart Rihanna.. keep bangin out the music, cause i do love her musical genius'ness. hahaah..but you need to fire your (insert title of person/s who organises music videos) record companies?
so you guys agree? or is it all in my crazy head??

kazz; xo

Feb 5, 2010

home grown stylers #6: Velveteen Liberteen

#6: Velveteen Libertine!!!
a very cool photographer, first aussie blogger i followed
this girl has some style!!!
check her out!

1. i would have to say my fashion icon is...

2. i cant leave the home without...
My car keys, iphone, Lancome Juicy Tubes & oversized sunnies!

3. my favourite nail colour is...
Hot tomale

4. "when i grow up i wanna be"...

5. at the moment i am listening/reading/watching...
Watching Breakfast at Tiffanys

6. my desktop wallpaper currently features...
Polaroids of Berlin

7. i reaalllllyyyy am ... at the moment
Thinking about boys ♥

8. one thing i wish would make a comeback in fashion would be...
Mood rings. But I wear them anyway!

9. currently i am answering these questions whilst...
listening to Radiohead and painting my nails

10. i would love to plug my blog/tumblr/lookbook/twitter/myspace (woah)...

kazz; xo

i cant get it out of my head..

its sooo beautiful live.

I read somewhere, that she (Natasha Khan - front girl for BAT FOR LASHES) is the new muse for Karl Lagerfeld.

kazz; xo

found it.

i found the most devastatingly gorgeous photo of kelly osbourne.
quality is shiatsu. but i definitely need to invest in a sequined jacket and some false lashes!

kazz; xo

Feb 3, 2010

three bands you need to listen to now.

 The Noisettes

Bat For Lashes
Ebony Bones


kazz; xo

i want you. oh baby, oh baby.

its about time i quoted from one of my favourite movies of all timeeee. ten thing i hate about you. (did you know they now have a spin off tv series abt it?) good god pls dnt ruin the movie. one of my favourite movies of watching this movie was as an english class assignment - we were doing shakespear and all that jazz AND IF YOU DIDINT KNOW ALREADY...ten things i hate abt you is a play off of taming of the shrew - brilliant.
...jeez i just got interrupted by a friggin tele-marketer.
in keeping with this blog title i am of course writing you all that read this lovely piece of prose about all things i currently want. you know telling the universe and stuff, so that i can get what i want. its all real simple really.
as I AM STILL JOBLESS i am unable to buy/indulge in any of these, so relish in the fact that you guys probably could ;)

numéro un - CANON EOS 1000D
numéro deux - BLACKBERRY BOLD 9700
numéro trois - to trawl through that basket of vintage jewellery at the vintage store near tegans!!! LIKE DESPERATELY!
numéro quatre - more blogs to read!

Merci d'avoir lu...

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Feb 2, 2010

the not so fashionable grammys.

ahhh, i love the grammys!!!
:) especially when one of my absolute favourites was up for 10 grammys!!!!!!!!!
alas, she only won six.. but hey thats apparently a new record.
heck yes beyonce!
you can watch that on youtube peeps.
and oh my god, rihanna you are not eccentric just cause you show up in eli saab.
jesus. that girl just tries a little toooooo hard in my opinion.
but helloo - did we see those power shoulder on 'B'
i do love that the artist have like three different outfit changes.
the red carpet dress // sitting down, accepting award change // performance change

1. Beyonce.
i just cant get enough of that versace dress!! especially paired with givenchi lace up boots!!!
and probably the other craziest dress of the night.
one whom Hamish and Andy deemed a safety hazzard...
good ol' MAN LADY GAGA

jeez the power shoulders really had a go at the grammys this year.
i must say i do like that top half of the green outfit GAGA wore when she performed with ELTON JOHN.
what are some other outfits that made a pop...

love love love both these dresses!
miley, broke it down with that dress - young, sophisticated and chic. and i love that print.

as much as like jen hud's purple dress there, her performance and red carpet outfit were... meh.
i think one of my favourites of the night has to be the darrrllinng Keri Hilson. Sweet in Song, Sweet in Fashion. the girl is positively glowing!!! (followed by some other beautiful people)

and what the f*ck was KE$HA THINKING?!?!?!? WITH THIS ENSEMBLE..???
she looks like a cheap vegas "lady of the night" - i heart the eyes here.. and she is actually a very pretty girl. but someone please shoot her stylist.
apparently (well according to one of my favourite bloggers - Coco's Tea Party) The Grammy's are notorious for bad fashion.. i didint think they were that bad... but there were definetly some bad choices out there.. ughhh..
Check out my buddy over at http://myuberfablife.blogspot.com/
She has some hilarious insights on what some of these people wore!
Hahaha.. I love Jayde.

kazz; xo