Feb 20, 2010

waking up feeling like p.diddy - really?

 i just saw a video hits episode.
i havent watched one in a very long time. unemployment does that to you.. makes you dwelve into things that are just sad. case in point. KE$HA.(no she doesnt deserve the font change or italics)
crap singer, crap music, try hard.
i get a feeling she is trying to channel Peaches...anyone else get this feeling?
granted she can indeed sing live. and looks like a semi-good live act,
but there is no way i would myself through that shizz for an hour and half.
i'm probably the girl who will stick around for the warm up acts and skiddadle outa there when she "graces" the stage.
anyone know if she writes her own music?
if someone else does.. then she is just
---LOL just read that she was a backup singer for one of Paris Hilton;s songs.. noice.
okay, so i wikipedia'ed the chick. she actually does writer her own songs.
so maybe stick to the day job?

kazz; xo


  1. i think tacky is a fitting word for her
    peaches is queen
    i love peaches

  2. didint think of tacky. good one
    i recently saw peaches live. HOLY CRAP SHE IS AMAZING!!!
    mommy complex - probs my fave :)
    ex oh,

  3. oh awesome
    was that at big day out?
    yeh mommy complex is a sicccck sonnnng


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