Feb 25, 2010

it was my first ever PR class tonight, after two whole years of doing my degree in business (majoring in PR mind you..) and a degree in CI. seriously made me passionate all over again for my course/career. the lecturer is HILARIOUS AND COOL. but i just know that the assignment work is going to be hard as bruzz. and then..i had to wait for over an hour for the my next bus.
as i had to walk from uni into the city to catch it.. all because i wanted friggin starbucks which is now making me ill to my stomach. and probs will keep me awake all night. YAY! :]
i woud like to share with ya'll, a song that made my night tonight bearable.. haha. its by my modern day poets. the one and only HOVA - Jay-Z featuring MR WEST (Kanye West). Its called Hate.
and my favourite lines from this songs are..
*soz babes.. but offensive language comin your way.
These n-ggas haters, and I made myself so easy to love,"
"My hussle, so Russell,
I stretch work, Yoga,
You know i got it down dog, Al Roker,
I used to knock pounds off,
It ain’t nothing for me to knock Nouns off,
these MC’s praying for my downfall,
They just haters, I wave at you,
I’m so player,
I’ll never be done, I’m so reyer,"
:) haha..
also.. i just had to take photos of my look for uni today.
purely because i plucked up the courage to wear a side samurai bun. (well thats what i am calling it. haha)
plus, finally found a way to wear my vintage scarf. was like $7 from St. Vinnies. YAY
ps, my skin not looking its best. so pls.. dont judge.
i especially love how this photo makes me look
like i have ghost eyes. HECK YES.

kazz; xo

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