Feb 18, 2010

yewwwwwww :)

I will be in the front section in exactly two week to witness the hilarity that is JT.
Josh Thomas that is... hahaha I wish it was Justin Timberlake.
although he would be as hilarious.
ohh right right, i should do a lil debrief.
Josh Thomas is a Brisbane comedian (who I used to bump into alllll the time in the valls and uni)
He empowers and represents the GEN Y! spot on Talkin' About Your Generation, and appears on Good News Week, The 7PM Project..(can you tell how much i love channel 10
awww how we love this boy. hahah
rumour is he is going out with Tom Ballard from the TripleJ Morning Duo. but not toooo sure on that one.
anyway his show "SURPRISE" willll be at The Powerhouse, here in BNE in March.
There are still tix available (just click the powerhouse link to get you there)
And can you belive tix were only $29.. :] Go and get some.
SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

also.. didint know if you guys know or are interested..
hahah.. i have a twitter (click> to get to my page)
and start following the love ppl. :)

kazz; xo

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