Feb 22, 2010

60th post :)

 this really should have been the post abt first day back at uni YR3.
buttt.. i decided i that one will have to wait till this afternoon.
and so, we came to this.
if you havent watched it. you sooo should.
its hilarious, and emancipating. 
really just a good show. and you can help but like Belle. She is just cool..hahaha
but one of the best things I like abt this show, is the wardrobe/styling.
she is one of the best dressed characters in the tv show arena. right after the usual gaggle of shows like Gossip Girl etc.
I really do look for the styling in this show for inspiration. For uni wardrobe especially. Its classy and cool.
Definitely check it out people. :)

kazz; xo

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