Feb 3, 2010

i want you. oh baby, oh baby.

its about time i quoted from one of my favourite movies of all timeeee. ten thing i hate about you. (did you know they now have a spin off tv series abt it?) good god pls dnt ruin the movie. one of my favourite movies of watching this movie was as an english class assignment - we were doing shakespear and all that jazz AND IF YOU DIDINT KNOW ALREADY...ten things i hate abt you is a play off of taming of the shrew - brilliant.
...jeez i just got interrupted by a friggin tele-marketer.
in keeping with this blog title i am of course writing you all that read this lovely piece of prose about all things i currently want. you know telling the universe and stuff, so that i can get what i want. its all real simple really.
as I AM STILL JOBLESS i am unable to buy/indulge in any of these, so relish in the fact that you guys probably could ;)

numéro un - CANON EOS 1000D
numéro deux - BLACKBERRY BOLD 9700
numéro trois - to trawl through that basket of vintage jewellery at the vintage store near tegans!!! LIKE DESPERATELY!
numéro quatre - more blogs to read!

Merci d'avoir lu...

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