Feb 22, 2010

Day 1, Year 3.

*first of all can i start by saying, effin BNE public transport, effin get your act together. there are some of us who need to get to uni on time.

and, so first day back at uni, being a fashion/style blogger (amongst other things) of course i notice the new wave of chic'ing it up for even the mundane days of university. Women and Men all over competing to be a fashion sensation in their designated degrees/lectures/tutorials.

what i love about my university(/degree) is that i belong to two VERY DIFFERENT campuses, one being the business campus and the other, a more artistic, human arts campus. and as such the polarity of both campuses' fashion is amusing, to say the least. my first day back belong to the later campus, and the people watching here, is what makes me go back to uni to do work every semester. :)
and so, if you are lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on how you see it i guess) to be placed at KG, there is one thing that plagues the minds of its students every morning..

Okay I can admit that no all everyone is that vain (or are you?). But for the rest of us, we liked to stand out/fit in into the campus that breads the future's "IT" people (fashionistas, musicians, dancers, actors/actresses, journalist) or any of these combination...This is a culture that slowly(but fiercely) that has gained momentum. well this is what i have noticed anyway.. that what we wear to this particular campus is more important as the day goes by..(pls feel free to argue otherwise, if this isnt the case :) )
The message clearly states: GET ECLECTIC OR GET OUT!

So what did I notice as I got on the bus this morning on my way to uni.
A lot of pastels.. and bold make up choices. Namely, hot red lips, defined black eyeliners, short cropped hair styles. all of which i love when ppl watching :). And, pls dnt get me started on all the ethnic jewellery and VINTAGE/OP SHOP LOOKING ACCESSORIES  that was going on at KG. (granted that being a uni student doesnt mean you have money to spend on Gucci bags and Loui V - so perhaps we all need a lil op-shop loving) who ho ho... and let us not forget the waves of Wayfarers (both faux and originals).
i seriously need to find some new sunnies.. i unfortunately only suit the ray-ban shape.. so its harder for me to wear sunnies other than wayfarers....
AND, if you though that this vanity (fabulous none the less) was only reserved to clothes/jewellery/shoes etc etc etc.. you are poorly mistaken. its the whole image buddy.
"have you got white ear buds firmly placed, so no mistakes you for a non-mp3/ipod user"
"making sure your laptop sleeve doesnt cover the glow of the half bitten apple"

yes, i am a very good observer. ;)
Granted it was only the first day, so all our young guppies will probs slack off later in the semester, when they have about three assignments due all in the same week..

No one in their Anna Wintour mind forgoes comfort/blase attitude for style. Uni style is a class of its own, and should definitely be a place where you should let your artistic/fashionable side flair, no matter what degree you're completing. FASHION STUDENT OR NOT, you go ahead break out that Sunday Dress and MAC Lipstick. Cause hey. 
If you're having a sucky day at uni not knowing where youre next class is and havent actually completed the readings for that week. You can relish in the fact that you're doing it  ALL IN STYLE.

kazz; xo

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