Feb 14, 2010

got beef.

so i do love rihanna's music. i have all her cd's

...and it is kinda grinding my gears that her latest single - RUDE BOY  is like AMAZING... but the video clip. arrrghhhh the video clip.
its a complete effin ripp off of M.I.A's video clips!!!
that woman is a genius! (M.I.A) in this case.
RiRi needs some original ideas ASAP.
1. the hair do is a bit of a janelle monae.
2. video clip/dancing/outfits/gaaahhh is all kinda M.I.A'esque.

here are some comparisons peeps.

but I DO STRESS that I heart Rihanna.. keep bangin out the music, cause i do love her musical genius'ness. hahaah..but you need to fire your (insert title of person/s who organises music videos) record companies?
so you guys agree? or is it all in my crazy head??

kazz; xo


  1. i must say
    i completely agree
    rihanna has no ingenuity at all
    shes only dressing edgy now because lady gaga has done it
    she cant take a risk
    she is a shitty people pleaser with no creativity at all
    im sure she doesnt even write hardly any of her songs
    and that some of her songs were written by lady gaga, whom writes ALL her OWN
    now thats an artist

  2. hahaha I LOVE YOU!
    thanks for understanding. i seriously though ppl would totally bag me out for saying this.
    but jeeezz. lol you shoudl deffs read my post abt the grammy's red carpert post.
    like seriously riri, your not edgy just cause you started to wear couture.. UGHHHHH. like you better when you were pon de replaying.

    ex oh, K.


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