Jul 9, 2011

LETS GET THREADED ft Angus Black, Heidi Go Seek & Yellowcake

It was Threaded's July showcase last night and the local fashion entrepreneurs featured Brisbane boutiques Angus Black and Heidi Go Seek as well as Yellowcake.

In addition to the back end PR and coordination stuff that I do for Threaded - I went on down there with my lovely friend Josie and we definitely threaded it up.
The place was filled with enthusiastic fashionites and those who came down to support Brisbane's own local talent and creatives. I think many times Brisbane people are way too hard on ourselves, we have talent flooding the city (excuse the ill timed pun.. ;)) in our own special way, and yet we keep comparing ourself to Sydney and Melbourne.

So on to the show!
Yellowcake (whom you can read more about here) belongs to emerging designer Rachel Burke and she makes some of the prettiest dresses. And last night was no exception. Watching her girls walk down in a very "Where the wild things are" crown but with a pixie'esque twist. The pictures speak for themselves really, but what you don't see clearly is how the girls each blew glitter over the crowd at the end of their walk. Great touch! For more on Yellowcake visit the website here. Yellowcake is also stocked in Don’t tell Fannie (in West End and Gold Coast) and Principessa in Fortitude Valley.

Then we had the newly opened boutique in Fortitude Valley; Heidi Go Seek. What a great name for a store. Every time I see it or hear someone talking about it, I'm always like "Seriously... great name for the store". Heidi Go Seek had the perfect balance of casual and chic last night. If you're at the 11th hour looking for that perfect dress for that cocktail party you got invited to at the last minute, then head on down to Heidi Go Seek. Because it is guaranteed that this cute boutique has the dress/suit/outfit for you. Heidi Go Seek lives on 370 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.

And finally, we had Angus Black (whom you also can read more about here).
I have a love/hate relationship with Angus Black. I love their clothes so much but I hate that I'm not a dude to be able to shop there. But hey it hasn't stopped me from buying my brother some threads from there and living vicariously through him. It seriously is the perfect boutique for the guys. The owners are so laid back and chilled that you feel like you dropped into your friends house to borrow some clothes. Angus Black is perfect for the guy who wants to dress up but wants to feel casual and laid back. And you could feel that energy as the boys walked down the runway in their Angus Black gear. Angus Black stock some of the best male labels and you can find them all at 354 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley.

  • Absolutely loved the styling for Yellowcake, makes me want to go jump into a bath full of glitter, and how do the girls make those big pom pom headbands look so good!
  • Dancing D.C was definitely the highlight of the night! Every time he came out - he got a massive cheer from the crowd as he shuffled, two-stepped and moon walked his turn. 

  • Loved the addition of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's (in the first picture) in the Heidi Go Seek show. Make me want them so much more...
  • Alhambra is such a great venue, Josie and I were frothing over their newly furnished fittings. Loving the lamps you see in the photos above. 

All in all a great night of fashion and fun people!
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