May 8, 2010

Threaded: Subfusco Fashion Show

oh wow, well this is very much a late update. :S
sozza, for not updating as per usual'ness, but I read Style Rookie's latest blog, and decided that it felt like the right time to blog.

so, around a week ago (maybe two?) I was asked by the illest dudes from Threaded & Romance In My Pants asked me to do the hair and makeup for their latest Threaded show which was of course featuring: SUBFUSCO!!!! which really is for me a MEGA COO!!!!
i was sooo freakin nervous, my heart was beating so fast, that i could find my pulse. that is a first. but it all went without a hitch, and I met some reallllly realllly nice/interesting people. my stereotypes of models has been completely been busted - myth busters style - there were doctors/personal trainers/16 year olds/nuevo models/ gahhh i could go on. it was simply an amazing, exciting and thrilling experience!!!!

so i got there, (quite early, which is also another first) and met the guys, and decided to help em out with the decorations - read: posters blu tacked on to the wall ;)
and just got to know everyone.. and then met the clothing designers/shop owner - and he just briefed me again on what he wanted, and I GOT STARTED! haha, i had like 15 models to get ready, and only 2-3 hours to do it. it was innnnnsane. and i was exhausted by the end of it. :) but i think i did well - well you can judge for yourselves from the photos i guess. so, the looks were - for the guys, slicked back wet hair and almost a nude alienesque make up, and the girls got to rock black eyes, black lips :DDDDD and slicked back hair. !!!!! it was amazzzziiiinnnnnnnnnng. anyway, i think i did well - cause they have asked me back for some more work - paid this time woooooot! - and a Talulah showwww hopefully!! OMAGOSH.

and cause they didint have many hands helping on the night, i got to roll my sleeves up and help dress the dudes and girl get dressed and change over. WHICH WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!!!
anyway, the clothes were beautiful, the people were awesome, and i just know you lot are dying to see pictures - which i only have a few of, cause i was backstage - and only with my blackberry - i couldnt get too many photo from the show. but my friend gabby so kindly took some for me :)

here you go peeeeeeople. enjoy ;)

so this was your truly, trying the look on herself - i dnt completely mind this look. haha

the amazing clothes backstage!

 the looks upclose.

the mad scene backstage - "GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF!" lol.

the show.

 and on a totally non-related topic, i made banoffee pie today :)

as always thanks for reading :)
kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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