Jul 28, 2010

a long time coming..

Hello, Hello.
I have no idea why,  but I have been a bit slack in releasing photos from the last Threaded show. But, whilst I am waiting for the latest Entourage episode to load - I guess I have no reason not to do it now ;)
So Threaded featured the mega talented label One Teaspoon two Friday ago. AND IT WAS AMAZING! The clothes were oh so nice. Seriously, your summer wardrobe should consist of at least ONE piece from One Teaspoon's Summer Collection.
AND THE SHOES! oh man, I DIE! Penny our liaison from One Teaspoon had the most amazing shoes for teh girls to walk down the runway in. And, can I just say, Penny was the nicest person! She also had two handlers and an entourage from the Sunny Coast, who were also soooo sooo nice. My stereotype of the Fashion Industry (in Brisbane anyway) is definitely being questioned and bunked (which is a great thing).
As such, I come bearing photos. Albeit shot from a shaky Blackberry handset. But, pictures nonetheless. I also met some amazing people! Kinda devo that I didint get their deets, cause we would totally be Facebook buddies. but maybe next time.

 lol, sorry for the bad quality. but you get the idea ;)

Oh yeah, the usual drivle: I was the makeup and hair gal, but also helped to set up the show.
Usually I am also backstage helping dress, but Penny had her entourage to help her out.
The night ended with me and four of my friends hanging out at O'Malleys, Corona'ing it up untill we got kicked out. Lol.
It was a great + successful night.
The ever so loyal followers of Amped+Dangerous Inc.


kazz; xo amped+dangerous.


  1. yer it was a sick show. yew

  2. Darling, the pics aren't showing...


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