May 18, 2010

Threaded: Young Designers Night! + EOS Update (lol) + more subfusco photos

whadup gang.
it is a tuesday - a very cold tuesday, which is always good.
i thought i do a little post on two separate things before i catch a ferry downstream to work :)
i really hope work isn't busy!

anyway, so guess what?!?!?!! i got my Canon EOS this past Sunday. I was going to wait till i got paid today to go and pick it up.. butttt anticipation and excitement got the better of me. and i absolutely love it! i got so much free shizz from the awesome people at Ted's Camerahouse along with Lil Eos - i am all kitted up to start my new project, which looks like at the moment wont be starting till i finish the semesters assignment - boring right? story of ma' lyfe. I have taken some pictures with it which i will share once i get some time.. that doesnt involve me doing assignments. but they are literally me just playing around with the camera in my front garden - ie. a pic of my mum, several pics of an ashtray (cause i am hardcore) and a leafy picture which i love :)

second part to this postness, was to show some pictures i have from the Threaded show.. i was going to link these pictures to my facebook.. but that requires alot of saving and uploading.. i aint into that.
so as yall know, i got to do the hair and makeup once again for Threaded - which brings up the question that i have never really explained what Threaded is and stuff.. this is a perfect time.
THREADED: is basically an initiative run by the mad ass people at Romance In My Pants where  couple of their peeps organise and run fashion shows for either local labels, or fashion designers. It is all Brisbane/QLD based at the moment.. but I am sure they would love to expand further and make its a massive thing. What I love about Threaded is that it is Brisbane thing.. Brisbane hasn't got a massive fashion scene.. but these guys are proving to change that, once Fashion Party at a time. Romance In My Pants also organize Kids Wear Fur shows up at the Sunshine Coast. SO GO AND SUPPORT LOCAL TALENT AND RESIDENTS!        um.. and me.

so the last Threaded show was one where it got to showcase young and emerging talent ranging from all ovah brisbane... including Eedie/Mary Mary/Jimmi Page/Irene T andddd SOOT - WHO HAD AN AMAZING COLLECTION! by far, Edwina Sinclair from SOOT had the most amazing clothes that night. So half the designers had their own makeup and hair person.. and I got chosen to do the rest of the labels.. One of which was for Soot. So I was pretty damn glad that I could put my name to that :)
I was a lil disappointed with how the other labels (apart from Soot) didint quite like my skillllllllzzzz (lol, I didint mind.. each to their own I guess) so they were touched up before the show. But Soot stayed true with my look - and from what i heard on the night.. my girls rocked the best look. i know this sounds ridiculously up my self.. but I thought i would a) put a disclaimer out there that I need to acknowledge the fact that I did not do all the makeup and hair for the night - cause the girls who had their own peeps - ohmagosh... the hair was AMAZINGGGGGG!. anyway - its all subjective. um.. i dnt have a point b) lol.

gosh.. that was alot of text.
here are some pretty pictures from the night :)
ALL IMAGES VIA Romance In My Pants.

So this was the main look.. they all had high ponytails with slicked back hair. and the make up was a gorgeous 50s eye liner.. but smudged out a bit on the lids - and all had nude lips.

uh oh..
i guess that was it for images.. :(
from this Threaded anyway.. I cant find any more.. and my own ones that I took with my blackberry are crap quality, so it wasnt worth putting up.. thats so lame.. however once the photos do get uploaded i will update this post and share the link again.
however i did find some Subfusco ones!!!!
so enjoy those instead.. these are waaaayyyy better than the ones i took here.
what you need to know:

*ps you guys know right that all the links are in blue :)

thanks for reading :)
and looking.. and commenting ;) KATTTTYYYYYY!

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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