Sep 29, 2012


She always has, and she always will.

And she's not about to change all that when releasing her new art book come visual diary, M.I.A, this October. The book is being published together with Rizzoli New York and is a curation of her visual outputs since her college days at Central St. Martins in London; telling her story through her famous stylistic collages, photos and prints.

I can't wait to get this book, and seeing as the book is coming out so close to my birthday, its going to be my present to myself. I couldn't think of a more fitting gift, considering my trip at the moment and the stage I am in my life.
 M.I.A's Instagram photo of the her art book's front cover.

I recently wrote an article for Portable about the book and the (controversial??) way in which M.I.A is promoting her art book - where she took to Youtube to show her fans the entirety of the art book before it even is printed. You can click here to read that.

Hope you are well!
Talk to you soon, xoxo


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