Sep 26, 2012


Trailer for the Agenes Deyn X Doc Marten Collection. 
Together with Alice Delal, Agnes Deyn is furthering the huge movement that is the 90s revival in today's fashionable environment thanks to her collection with Doc Martens. Fitted with knee high Docs, plaid skirts and fleece sweater tops, the new collaborative collection is super punk dudes. 

The collection is solid, and like I said a huge nod to the late 80s early 90s era in fashion where it was cool to hold up your skirt with safety pins and to wear heavy boots to stomp to. But the collection isn't as exciting as I thought it would be... if you scroll through the images it was like Deyn X Doc Martens just went through childhood closets and just duplicated exactly what they wore as a teenager growing up in the 90s. The collection looks dated (and not in a cool way!) and a bit lackluster.

I do like the lime floral dress on the right though.  

However it is exciting that the pulling power of someone like Deyn has produced a substantial clothing and accessories collection from the traditional shoe makers - a volume not seen in previous collaborative collections. Its the bags which I am most excited about. I think these little heart satchels are going to make killer sales - despite being more expensive than most of the shoe range (not including the Aggy Tall) in the collection. 

I have grown a soft spot for Doc Martens quite recently, I think the updated styles to the traditional boots and exciting colour ranges has helped shed some of the stereotypes associated with general crowds who wear DCMs. And of course there was that period that every man and his dog were wearng the shoes as if they were about to go out of fashion. But after learning that they are truly one of the most enduring and lond lasting pairs of shoes, I think they are quite worth the invesment. I have been lusting over these beautiful lemon pairs for quite some time now. 

You can shop and view the collection here
What do you think of the new collection or just about Doc Martens in general?


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