Sep 9, 2012


Fashion Week 2012 is truly well underway and it was given a great opening party thanks to this year's Fashion Night Out. Regardless of all the meticulous planning and anticipation, I can almost guarantee that no one stuck to their schedule courtesy of the FNO website. Well I surely didn't. I think next time everyone's expectations would be well maintained if you used the schedules as more of a rough guide and see where the crowds take you. Both metaphorically and literally.

And I mean literally, because the crowds were out in high numbers Thursday night! I mainly stuck to Manhattan and Soho as thats where most of the action was happening, and when I got in to Manhattan I thought the crowd size was as expected but I certainly got a huuuuuuuge shock as soon as I stepped out to Soho. Thousands of amazingly dressed people running around trying to score the best deals or waiting to catch their favourite performer at the favourite stores. It was so insane but definitely one of the best experience. Imagine Splendour In The Grass type crowds but concentrating on fulfilling their sartorial needs.

So, I ended up only visiting two (out of my planned four) places due to a few wrong turns here and there but also because you literally couldnt get in to any of the stores unless of course you wanted to stand in line waiting for hours. And I wasnt about to waste my first ever Fashion Night Out waiting in lines.


Started of at Madison Avenue's Coach store, where some of the top DIY bloggers were showing you how to customise the new line of duffle bags (so pretty!) with Solange Knowles making a DJ appearence. And while the store was amazing, so many pretty accessories (loving Coach's new line of jewellery!) and crowd was up for a good time, it just seemed like everyone was waiting to get the party started with Solange.  Waiting for Solange to turn up got a bit boring, so after some awesome people watching, I made an executive decision to head to Soho.
Street style photographers would have had a field day Thursday night with some really unique and statement dressers out and about - but stuff trying to get anywhere quickly. Crowds were literally spilling out on to the street where the NYPD were trying their best to control them. I made a beeline to the M.A.C store on Broadway where to my disappointment was where the crowd was stemming from. Not only was the store full, but the line out of the store was insane! Stretching across several other store's entrance.  Apparently we weren't the only ones who knew Azealia Banks was going to be playing at the store. And then dissapointment #2 hit. When I arrived it was a quarter to 9 and after taking in the giant crowd, I was told that Azealia Banks had in fact already performed and was on her way out. Damn. But as a consolation prize I stuck out to catch a glimpse of A.B just as she was headed out and it was pretty cool :)

Yes, a complete failure of all my plans but I still had a ball of a time! A lot of the times I just enjoyed sitting back (or standing on a ledge at Bloomingdales) just people watching and making small talk with other FNO goers. We ended the night with some drinks at the Soho Room and came home to our laptops to catch the final minutes of Solestruck's massive sale where I bought these beauties.

It was a great experience to finally explore FNO NYC and I can honestly say that despite the crowds, waiting in lines and disappointments, I would most probably do it all over again.

 My outfit for the night and my DIY Embellished Clutch keeping me company.

How was your FNO night? Did you get some bargains???
And, if you managed to make it through all that, kudos.

Talk soon! - xoxo-


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  1. WOWOWOW!!! your fno experience sounds incredible. I thought sydney was busy but new york would have been a whole other level of crowded. so cool that miss banks was there. glad you are loving NY x


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