Sep 5, 2012


Image: Jak+Jil / Logo: FNO / My own edits.
So yes, if you havent known already, I am in one of the greatest cities in the world, and with great planning made sure that I was here in NYC for its infamous Fashion Night Out event. Its this Thursday across New York (all over the five boroughs) and Los Angelas. And there are some killer listings happening this year.

My Schedule so far includes:
  • Phillip Lim: Phillip Lim's co-authored comic book inspired by the latest collection will be up for grabs here.
  • Alexander Wang: Because its Alexander Wang.
  • M.A.C Cosmetics: Azealia (freaking) Banks will be performing live.  M.A.C are also promoting the lipstick colour that Banks co-created, which I will be getting!
  • Coach: Hang out with bloggers like A Pair & Spare, I Spy DIY, Because I'm Addicted and Beckerman Bite Plate while Solange Knowles DJs in the background - what!!!!
Man Repeller just released her schedule, should you feel like stalking her out on the night as well as some of my favourite DIY bloggers; A Pair & Spare and I Spy DIY will be at Coach customising their own bags. But you can also religiously follow the many social media platforms for deals, pictures and links on the go. So its like you're right there in the thick of it.**

Useful/Important Links for a good night out/in:
And of course the presence of Fashion Night Out also delivers another amazing event: New York (mother effin) Fashion Week. I have staked out my space for people watching and will be Coffee/Iced Tea in hand with my DSLR poised at the ready. Woo.

If you're in town we should totally hang and get fist pumping to Azelia Banks :D
Talk soon!

**You're not. Lol. JK.


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