Sep 15, 2012


Happy Friday people! How are we this fine Friday?
But more importantly what are you doing for the weekend? And to my amazing Australian readers - you are well and truly in the swing of the weekend.

If you were anthing like me, over the last nine days of New York Fashion week, you have been glued to your smart phone. Trying to absorb the Tweets, Tumblrs, Posts, WordPresses, RedIts, Instas and many more for our daily (hourly?) dose of #NYFW amazingness. But one hilarious lady caught most of the attention thanks to her special Tweets.

From (allegedly) flirting with James Franco to bar hopping with Carine Roitfield, Mindy Kaling probably lived #NYFW the way we all wish we could have. Her "fake fashion tweets" were the best out of all the NYFW tweets - and dare I say she was more entertaining than the crowd who actually attended #NYFW - haha!

So, what better way to help celebrate the end of such a sartorially glamourous week by bringing to life some of our favourite Kaling #NYFW tweets.

I got to write this article for Portable.TV while I am interning here in New York, so....


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