May 28, 2012


Happy Monday everybody. It is slightly chilly (but was very sunny) today in Brisbane. Hope you have had a great weekend, but I trust that whatever your weather sitch is at the moment, the best way to start your week would be to get some New Music. So lets get to it.

**Warning: Amazing new music ahead.


I heard that this track came out the day Google had their 8-bit/Synth piano on their homepage - and I am super glad that it did. Synergy at its best.  Its literally the Super Mario Brothers theme song but with a bass line as produced by Snooooooooop D O Double G. Its just sick, the playful sampling really brings a whole new dimension to Snoop's work. Nothing more really, just enjoy my super mario brothers and sisters.


Ah! How can you not love new Lupe! Especially when he loops T.R.O.Y in this track. If you have no clue what I am talking about - seriously click here. Flashback to the 90s or what!? And whats more amazing the sax is actually a sample from this track here. When songs get super meta like this one, I can't help but get so so so excited. I am totally a music nerd and proud to be one!

This track is a single (which Lupe Fiasco leaked all over twitter) from his upcoming album Food and Liquor 2 which comes off the back of his mix tape Friends of The People. Its definitely a pumping and poignant track, so I am super excited to hear more from the album.


You will totally dig this song if you're a fan of soundscapes and movie sound tracks. Cause that's definitely what this song "Run Boy Run" reminds me of. New artist alert, Woodkid (aka Yoann Lemoine) is actually a fully fledged music video director and graphic designer. He is probably most notable for his work on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and Lana Del Ray's Born To Die. This song is really set off by Woodkid's sultry voice and the orchestra backing just goes so smoothly with this. With a voice like this and a resume like that could the dude be any more perfect? Oh yes he can. He's French too. Ooh la la!


What do you do when your brother is a world champion pairs figure skater and you too want to make a name for yourself - but maybe you can't skate as well? You become a rapper of course. Well that's what Cam Meekins did anyway. And the dude can spit! At only 19 he has enough self awareness to separate himself from the "sometimes seemingly over-saturated scene of young, Caucasian rappers that are emerging all over the place." so clearly exemplifies at minute 1:18. But I think my favourite part of this track is his use of Robert Frosts's Two Roads poem. It has significant meaning for me, and I think I have been reminded of the poems through Cam at just the moment in time. The production on not only this track but the whole mix tape/album (available for free here) is A-Class.

So, I don't know about you but I am quite okay with the seemingly over saturated scene of young Caucasian rappers from the US - I think they would fit right in in our music industry.


I must admit that a a younger child I wasn't the biggest fan of Australian music. I wish I could go back and talk some sense into my fourteen year old self. And Sheppard are only one of many great emerging bands that are doing the Australian music industry proud. And for the band to be hailing from my home base, Brisbane, is just the icing on the cake.

I got the privilege of checking Sheppard out at #thesecretparty a couple of weeks ago (you can read about that here) and the band killed it live. Super talented, and I wished that I had heard of them sooner!!! Made up of siblings and friends the band are a refreshing mix of pop and indie without all the cliches - and you can hear that in this track. The have some stunning voices in this band and collectively, Sheppard probably have the most enviable wardrobe in Brisbane.

Woah. It's a long one this week. But hopefully you got to know some new sounds and most definitely some new artists and links.

You can continue your search for new music and new bands at S.I.T's annual Rockschool Challenge. The finals are happening this Wednesday and the night is already promising some grey acts; including another great Brisbane band Tundra! Find the details for Rockschool Challenge here.

And that it from me folks. Have a great rest of the week! 
Watch out for Part Two of my DIY Embellished Clutch going live this Wednesday :)



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