May 26, 2012


Its been too long since a DIY post graced the pages of Amped & Dangerous. But after committing the idea, I knew that this had to be the one that would rejuvenate the DIY'er in me. I will put it out there, you are either going to love or hate this DIY. But this only part one: my inspirations.

I had a vision in my head of getting trims, ribbons and sequins and I knew I wanted to do something with this. The next thought that crossed my mind was - I don't have a statement clutch. Lol, not really - but my thoughts of sequins, ribbons and trims were interrupted with images of beautiful embellished clutches on Pinterest - and it reminded me of this beautiful Molten Store clutch released earlier in the year. Still for sale here people. So if glue and ribbons scare you, I suggest you head to the amazing accessories mecca for your own embellished clutch action!

They remind me of the Balinese pouches my relatives would bring back for us little kids from their business trips - you know the one with the sequinned elephant and cotton pouch. I wanted my version to be a bit more amped than that.

So off to Lincraft I went - I drew this little plan of attack so that I could really envision my own version of the embellished clutch - its the perfect DIY project in time for winter. I can't wait to show you the end result of the embellished clutch. So stay tuned for Part Two (Its up now!).

Till then, have a great weekend!
I will talk to you very very soon :) 
- xoxo -

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