May 16, 2012


So the weather is just a little cray cray. Its pretty chilly but the sun is shining in defiance to this low temperature. This only means three words people, TRANS-SEASONAL WEAR. Yayyyyyyyy.

So this is my trans-seasonal list. Without fail I get these pieces out every in between season periods - and I have to confess its probably one of my favourite times of the year. Cause you don't have to sacrifice fashion for keeping warm ;)

1. Layers Layers Layers They really are my favourite. Layer with cardigans, socks (with heels anyone?) and scarves. I always find scarves that compliment my skin tone. They sit right next to your face, so you want to accentuate these features not distract them with a scarf. We have the Marlene Birger Jumper , Alexander McQueen Scarf  and the Jimmy Choo Scarf.

2. An Umbrella is just common sense people. For those 'just in case it rains' moment. And holy wow isn't this Missoni print umbrella to die for!!!!

3. Cardigans are great to be able to, again layer, but also to add warmth for those cooler nights. This beauty is actually from Target :O - Don't need to break the bank people, your large chain stores will have similar products for a fraction of the price.

4. A Parka is definitely my favourite trans-season item. I have a denim and khaki (military inspired) version and I wear them to death! Even during winter with a super woolly scarf. They are so convenient to just throw on to cut the chill and less maintenance than a trench. This baby is an MDKN Parka.

5. Large Tote for you to be able to store all your extra layers and necessities like lip balm and moisturiser. ESSENTIALS TOO! This gorgeous leather tote is from The Row.

6. Quirky Sunglasses because during those uncomfartably windy days despite clear blue skies that Brisbane is known for - you just want to grimace under some beautiful and quirky sunglasses. Yes, I am still obsessed with these.

7. Statement Pieces like these beautiful pieces from Dannijo - Leeloo necklace and Eyenstein cuff - to add a cool difference to your outfit. Cause more than likely, there is going to be a lot of black and outfit repetition - especially in my case at least - so I would invest in something like this to differentiate my trans-seasonal / winter uniform.

8. Long Sleeved Party Dresses are a great addition to your wardrobe. Think about it, wearing a long sleeved dress leaves you to be able to attend and party it up coat/jacket/parka free for the duration of the night. No coat checks, no "Can you please hold my jacket for a second" and no cold arms during the party. Yay for long sleeved dresses. The black is an elegant Miu Miu dress and the print is from Sportsgirl which is very Marni'esque, but still, a beautiful substitute to that glittery skin tight mini dress you have in your wardrobe. ;)



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  1. I'm aaaall about the khaki parka at the moment. I also did a post about how great it is for trans seasonal. So versatile. How awesome is Dannijo and especially the MR collection. Droool...I want eyes all over me, something chronic.


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