Mar 21, 2012


Take this as a wish list or as a shopping list, its up to you - to me this a list of ten things that I am wanting to incorporate into my wardrobe for Autumn and Winter. There are some items which I have left out of the list because you have read me harp on about them or because they aren't anything "new" or "unique"about them in terms of dressing for autumn and winter. This includes beloved Khaki Parka/Army Jacket (a staple for me for the cooler months) as well as the Midi Skirt.

M.I.A's Bad Girl video clip was a big influence for me this season. The video clip is just super cool, I'm always down for car stunts and ridiculously gaudy attire (heavy hood chains and shimmer jump suits anyone??). I am still in the process of hunting down the stylist for the video clip. Where some inspirations from the video are quite literal (#2, #8 and #10) some are more loosely inspired (#7 and #9). 

For details on each item and links to where you can find it, just click "read more". 

1. Cropped Denim Jacket is the perfect trans seasonal fashion item for my A/W2012 wardrobe. I want to style it double denim way or even with a cool midi skirt even. This is a light version from [bento], I love the style and wash. And easily toughened up with some studding action, but I think its pretty perfect the way it is.
Try this from Asos or there are some amazing budget friendly options on eBay. 

2. Wide Brim Fedora So I'm still obsessing over Gucci's AW11 collection as I have not hunted down the perfect Auburgine wide brim fedora. But as much as I want this, I think the Barbour Wide Brim Fedora (pictured) will do just fine, simple shape and in black, the feathers also add an unexpected detail. 
Try this from Witchery, its so pretty or a colored Florentine Panama from Sportsgirl.

3. Backpack Seriously, any backpack will do at this stage. I wrote a post on my wishful thinking of getting myself a backpack as I am finally succumbing to both the trend and the dread of knowing that I am potentially ruining my back forever because of my f*ckin heavy bag I lug to work everyday - dramatic much? I am definitely loving the range from The Hershel Supply Co (pictured) but I also want thisthis and this
For more backpack styles and suggestions check out my post about backpacks here

4. Cropped Black Jeans ... and elusive pair of denim in my eyes. My wardrobe has seen many pairs added in and very quickly taken out. Either the length is just so wrong on me (its what you get when you're about 150cm) or the hardware is just U-G-L-Y. So I  believe I have found the perfect solution. As I am a big advocate of stealing from the mens department of stores, these Jeanswest pair is no exception - I just need it tailored so that it sits above the ankle.
Try these Cheap Monday pair or colored Jamies from TopShop.

5. Loverdose is definitely going to be my Autumn/Winter scent. Its flowery with some licorice undertones. So its not too light and airy, but just enough gusto to get me through winter, a surprising scent from Diesel actually. At $90 for the 50ml size, I don't think its too bad for this bottle of beauty.

6. Boots have never tickled my fancy as I was always partial to sneakers. But since owning my first pair of riding boots from Baxter last year (which I absolutely can not wait to get out again) I want to add to my collection with a heeled pair. The heel isn't super high, so its practical and paired with your favorite Happy Socks, turns your boring winter outfit into something memorable. The one pictured is the Pippa Boot from Witchery
I have a range of mid heel boots to choose from in my Trendy post here or for a more budget friendly option, Target are killing it with their own version here and here

7. Gaudy Accessories to balance out the very tomboy-ish garments I have up here : ) I am loving the sunglasses from the Dolce & Gabanna Fall 2012 collection. Totally DIY potential.. so watch out for that one in the near future.  

8. Aztec / Ikat printed Knit is an essential addition to my bohemian/safari Autumn wardrobe I'm building here. In love with the one that Vanessa Jackman is wearing but the one pictured in The List is from eBay - so cool. 
Try this or this from Asos or even Sportsgirl who have brought out their collection of chunky knits from last season. 

9. Taupe and Berry Lipsticks will stain my lips this season. I am loving Taupe and Hang Up by M.A.C for this (in the vain hope I can channel Chanel Iman). But a thorough Priceline trip will also allow you to find dupes of these colors too if you want a more affordable option. 

And that is my list. Whats on yours???? 

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