Mar 23, 2012


Lush is without a doubt one of my favourite stores in Brisbane. And I have definitely been sucked in to the amazing products and ethos of the company, to the point where I can proudly say that I am currently using Lush products from head to toe.

Being green and ethical is of course one reason to shop at Lush, but the main driver for most of its customers is the simple fact that: THE STUFF FLIPPING WORKS! My hair is never felt healthier, my skin never softer and my bathroom has never smelt so good! And lets not forget the amazing customer service you receive when walking in to Lush. I am in love with everyone who works at my local Lush, and truly consider them friends who have a freaky knowledge of bath products :)
Two of the Lush Staff Members (Amazing Ladies!!!) Dominique and Analise

My obsessive Lush behaviour has come to use, as I now considered one of the store's VIP. Woo! And as such I was invited to come to super secret VIP launch of the Queen Street store's grand re-opening after a much needed refurbishment. The store looks better than ever and the new line of products are just blowing bubbles in my head :)

I went with my friend Dominique, and conveniently enough our mutual best friend is the head product trainer at Lush, so we had a grand old time trying out the new products and for Dominique to get a personal skin consultation.
Dom getting her personal consultation from our friend... Dom (lol). 

If you have never been in to Lush, ignore the strong strong scent of (amazing goodness) bath products and just treat yo self!. The ladies at the store will know exactly what to give you, and trust me after a stressful week of work, uni, school or socialising - Lush is exactly what the doctor ordered! And if you don't live locally, they have a brand new store opening in Chermside - but you can also order all the goodies online!

So thank you again Queens St Lush Team!
I can't wait to get my second round of Bubbleroons!


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