Feb 18, 2012


click play (warning: not for everyone)

Oh.... Poison Ivy. One of many super villains that I adore (Catwoman!!!! too).
Now say what you will, but Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy is one of the best moments the 90s has to offer. That sickly amazing green suit, paired with the fiery hair twisted in a Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt is just so nostalgic to me.

I was tossing to see what I should paint my nails today, and recalled that I have never tried black nails. I painted one hand black.... and very swiftly realised why I had never tried it. So I decide to swap colours for my other hand, I chose the Las Palmas green, for more on this colour click here. It was easier (and made much more sense to me) to have mismatched nails then to take the black off and start all over again... ; )

.... so messy.


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