Feb 15, 2012


Peplum Skirts and just all things feminine really is going to be huuuuuuge this spring/summer. Get ahead of the curve and start wearing them now! Especially as there are some amazing DIY options, and some inspirations below to get your started ;)
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I think Mad Men and other period television shows (Downtown Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, etc etc) have had a really good effect on the year's fashion. Hemline are a little longer, stylings are a little more feminine... and accessories are just so retro! One of my favourite trends to hit the streets and runway is the peplum skirt. Dresses also optional.

The peplum is strategically designed to give you a flattering shape - no doubt. Weather this is executed through a skirt, jacket, dress or any other variety... the piece of material constructed to flare out at your hips, give an hour glass illusion, and showcases the narrowest part of your body. Its just an amazing piece of clothing really. 

The peplum skirt is a great addition to give your corporate wardrobe a nice update, or a way of introducing more feminine choices to your otherwise jeans and pant outfits (definitely talking about myself here).

From runway, to real way.
Celebrities giving big love for the peplum - I die for that pink and red Giambattista Valli ensemble on Emma Stone!

Its such an easy updater piece, that you can get from stores OR! create your own version through some layering action. Grab yourself a pencil skirt and a flared skirt, and layer those to mofos together - and et' voila, a peplum on a budget and without a fuss!

Or if you're super handy with the sewing machine and have a mermaid flared skirt lying around (and if you don't, head to your nearest Vinnies, I guarantee you, you will find one of these) and do it like Geneva from A Pair and A Spare, and make your own peplum skirt. This is very much a possibility for me. I just need to go and hunt down a sewing machine!

But what scares me about the Peplum is its tendency to look too corporate and tends to age an outfit, so I suggest taking a page from Leandra's (Man Repeller) site and update the peplum - to give it an edgy turnout! She pairs a flared skirt here with a straight skirt, and adds a bit of pizzaz to her outfit. Maintaining some originality without losing that feminine touch!

So what say you friend?? You digging the peplum? Will you be sporting this designer trend?
I can't wait to get my peplum on. 

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Images: Jenny Packham (Fall 2012), Karen Walker (Fall 2012), Jason Wu (Spring 2012) and Vera Wang (Spring 2012) via Style.com • AsianFashion.com • Polyvore • Man Repeller

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