Feb 20, 2012


Gooooood Monday.
Are we all staying cool and away from the heat. 33ยบ ☼ ☂ here in Brisbane. Hows the weather on your side of the town?? I have quite a mix bag of tracks in today's post, so hopefully you'll find one to suit you :)


Click play. Do it.
Now, can you seriously believe that this whole track was produced entirely using the voice box. Tom Thum's voice box to be more accurate, this man is seriously talented. Following in the talent of Camille and bands like tUnE-yArDs who are masters of the loop box, Tom Thum shows us and the rest of the music loving world that you don't need a massive ensemble to produce really good sound. Better yet, Tom Thum is a local Brisbane talent - love it. So in spirt of SLAM Week, why not show him some love over at his YouTube channel - this video being my favourite freestyle of his.

Diplo is back again for another seriously danceable track. If you're into dancing to this kind of beat of course. Which I totally am (I always pretend that I'm in an episode of Skins when Diplo takes over airwaves). I think the music Diplo creates kind of lets you dance however you want and it will look okay, of sho.
Anyway....You can definitely NOT doubt Diplo's mad production skills. I am incredibly excited for his new album to drop. I can hint now that one of the tracks samples a bit of Family Guy ;) But for that stay tuned my friends...

No, it's not a soundtrack from a Disney film, it's Fun and their debut track Some Nights!
The three members of the band are from three different bands themselves, and are now based in NYC touring with the likes of Janelle Monae and such. 
Every time I play this track I am reduced to a silly girl who gets up from her seat and starts throwing her hands in air and starts howling "Some Nights!!!" In fact, I'm typing this with one hand and waving the other uncontrollably in a gospel like manner. It definitely is a feel good track, and with a band named Fun, would you expect anything less??

Totally Enormous Extint Dinosaurs or better known as Orlando Higginbottom
I kid you not, you'd think with a name like Orlando Higginbottom, the man would go for a simple pseudonym for a band name. But not good old Orlando Higginbottom. Son of Prof. E. Higginbottom of Oxford University, TEED, has yet to release a debut EP, but has under his belt three successful songs, one of which is this beauty, Garden. This track is so familiar to me, but that may be 'cause I've heard it on the J's. Or alternatively on a tv show. I do love me some duets, and this one from TEED is definitely up there with Home, Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf,  I've Got You etc. I think the synths in this track is what gets me. Enjoy. 

So hopefully, you found a track amongst that myriad of music. 
And until next time, my friends!
- XOXO - 

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