Feb 2, 2012


You probably have already seen these. But I just can't get enough.

This is going to sound random and weird... But the gold blocked heel first haunted me in late September of 2011. I was minding my own business in a David Jones footwear department where these two Japanese flight attendants (I know this because of their uniform) were also in the same department. One of them had these super cool, blocked heel black patent shoes on. Only one difference, the blocked heel was plated gold. I literally just stood there staring at the heels mid trying on a pair of Miu Mius in vain.

First thought that went through my mind: How do I DIY that?
Second: I need to know where these heels are from.

But just as I mustered the courage to go and ask the on trend lady about her ballin' court heels, they walked away. Eever since then I have been trying to figure out where the gold plated block heel first reared its fabulous head. Something tells me it was either YSL or Marc Jacobs. But I have found no evidence. Now however, they are all over the shop - Topshop in particular through their heel bootie.

Topshop Gold Plated Block Heel Bootie & Adorn Block Heel Bootie

Chloe Block Heel Sandals

Jarvis Gold Plated Blocked Heel

Sam Edelman Trina

Nevertheless, I am still asking the same two questions: How do I DIY these and where did they originate from? Tell me Amped people, do you know????

Images: Harper & HarleyShoe WaWaAll Womens TalkMy Wardrobe


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