Feb 17, 2011


Starting his career as a decorated producer, Yeezy is now a bonafide star, this man has certainly got some haters and lovers. But love him or hate him, most music enthusiasts are loving his new sounds. His new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. His 5th studio album, I do believe.

His new album doesn't disappoint either. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has definitely departed from the depressing sounds of 808 & Heartbreak and has brought a whole new meaning to hip hop and collaborations. I love Bon Iver's sounds, Chris Rock's recording and the amount of featured artists on this album. I have been waiting for a long time to listen to this album too.

Most of the people I knew had bootlegged (illegally downloaded) the album before its release. But when the album came out I was out of pocket and saving for my overseas trip. So, I had to be patient and not listen to anymore tracks for fear of ruining the experience that is a Kanye West album :).

But FINALLY! I got my hands on it and have listened to it at least TEN TIMES!!!!!!
Its that good people.

I have been a Kanye fan since his College Dropout days, and have been following almost every one of his musical moves since then. I think what really hooked me to Kanye's music is Work Out Plan. Its so catchy, you cant help but throw on some leg warmers and a sweat band and work it on right to his track. 

He makes the hits as much as he makes the headlines. With a crazy cool, well styled model girlfriend in Amber Rose and his forward, no bullsh*t attitude. Ie, the Taylor Swift debacle. I believe many people perceive his confidence as arrogant. But then again, he probably is a bit of both. Kanye West isnt afraid to think/dress/produce outside of the box. He probably was at the forefront of changing the way Hip Hop artists dress, going from the stereotypical XXXXL T-Shirt and baggy jeans to well defined suits, printed shirts and bowties. Sophisticated. How it was back in the days.
Like real business man.

I think the man is a lyrical genius and has a way with a keyboard, synth machine and beats that rivals many other Hip Hop artist/producer. In my opinion anyway.

I most definitely have an unhealthy obsession with my man Kanye West.
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  1. I love Runaway and Hell oF a Life...i love the whole thing honestly...hes so honest...i love that album...


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