Jun 18, 2010


Heeyyyy Hoooooo
So I havent done a music post in like yonks! Therefor here I am armed with a list as big as 17 songs  to share what I am digging at the moment. It definitely is a raaaaaange of music. Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, World music..lol and etc.
Now this is going to work similar to the last music post.. all my songs are in a YouTube clip as a playlist.. so either forward on to the next song when you are done.. or just let it automatically play to the next song. *I dont think all the songs are on the playlist.. might be due to copyright laws.. so you can just google those. But most of them are here.
They are also alllll in order :)
AND HEY tell me what you think of the songs in the comment box!
Also tell me of any people that you think I might dig :) cause I am always up for new music.

Mark Ronson ft Q-Tip and MNDR - Bang Bang Bang
the video clip is awesome. it reminds me of ultraman and sailor moon altogether. and it definitely is a cutesy song! the lead singer (girl) has a siiiiiick voice. need to google search her STAT! And come on, how can a song fail when you have Ronson + Q-Tip?? Never.
Its catchy, and fun.
Listen when... either driving, or getting ready to partay.

Kele (from Bloc Party) - Tenderoni
Um.. can I just say I am OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG! As obsessed as Jayde is with twilight. (almost there..) I wasn't a big follower of Bloc Party, I have a few of their songs. But Kele went solo after Bloc Party, and can I say I enjoy the fruits of his solo labour.. ;) The hook is the killer here, I literally got out of bed this morning and danced my heart out to the song. And lets just say I didn't need coffee after that.
Listen when... you're alone at home and can dance in your awesomeness, or just at the point of tipsyness and you REP IT UP with the girls + boys.

The Knux - Floozy
I heart The Knux, not a lot of ppl know about them. And I kinda love that. They are NY based and make wicked beats and licky lyrics to go with it. I particularly love the songs they sing about girls. They are like spot on.
Example - "Should have listen to your mama, She had warned ya, She is nothing but a floozy, a floozy, but still want to take her home".
I have introduced you guys to them before here.
Listen when... just chillin on a Sunday afternoon before you hit up the Fox. :)  ....orrrr before you make a mistake and decide to take that floozy home.

Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
(please pardon the gay Pantene ad.. I cant get rid of it).
So I was lacking some commercial music from my iTunes playlist.. so I committed sacrilege. I switched my radio's dial from tripleJ to Nova - ARGHHHHHH.. I know. Nova is still my preffered medium even though they SOLD OUT! to DMG (who own pretty much all commercial radio stations and are flooding the airwaves with ridiculous and unnecessary infomercials.
Anyway, lol.. I do like this song. Its like my guilty pleasure.. I know I shouldn't.. but I do. (that seems to be my life's motto..) I mean yes the lyrics and Taio Cruuuuuuz is arrogant as.. "I'm only going to break your heart" I mean.. dude puhhhleaaaase.
Listen when... TripleJ keeps playing the same songs over and over again.. :( + and want to be reintroduced to society's mainstream. hahahahaah..

Proffesor Green ft Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Me
I litterally download anything with Lily Allen on it. This included.. and I am liking Professor Green. AND THIS SONG KICKS ASSSSSS! Video clip could be better.. but check out Lily's makeup - its aaaahmazing. cant wait to attempt it - actually so is her wardrobe! So Professor Green is new on to the scene I do belive. I first saw him at Big Day Out beginning of the year when he played a song with Lily Allen.. where I belive they performed this song. I mean if you're kicking it with Lily Allen, he must be cool. So I decided to include another one of his songs, which I freshly downloaded. (Again.. ignore the Pantene ad.. urghhh)
It is called I Need You Tonight.. and basically he raps about how he is a "pimp" and girls shouldn't be dumping him.. obviously being sarcastic. I think.. but the song is soooo catchy thanks to the sample. Which for the life of I cant place (help me out).
Anyway, the video clip genre is one that I like (narrative video clips - not the technical name) and his lyrics are quite funny.
Listen when... you're having a house party? Or bored on the bus, that way you can concentrate on the lyrics and it would be like listening to an audio book. haha

N.E.R.D ft Nelly Furtado - Hot N Fun
Lets be honest.. that is what all girls want.. Hot N Fun.. errmm yah. Hahah.. I love Pharrell, I am obsessed with him and would love to be in his crew. The song is something you can definitely dance to.. but also chant/sing too. The guitar riffs are cool to. And Pharrel always sings about current things ie the line "People don't want to think no more.. they want to feel. they want to let go" Very true.. hence I the tune is just repetitive (in a good way).
Listen when.. well jogging? running? kayaking?

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I think they were described best by an article I read about them.. in that they are definitely a band that are influenced by retro genres (60s and 70s) but have a very modern and hip hop influence to them. They have been around for a couple of years. And their new album is just hit after hit.. seriously. So I cant wait to get it. Great rock and roll band with a soulful singer. My dream band. I hear this song on MTV's Movie Awards 2010. And i quickly jotted down the words and went in search for it. Its rock, its soulful, its heavy.
Listen when... NOW! and jump on board with their other songs.

K'Naan - Wavin Flag
You would have heard this song on your tvs with Coca-Cola ads. I have also mentioned K'Naan before. I like him.. he makes good music. And obviously.. don't think I wont include a non WORLD CUP RELATED POST during the best world tournament EVER! I am definitely a football (SOCCER) fan.
But what else I like about it is how the song is also very motivational.so...
Listen when.. when you need a little G-Up.

Kanye West - Power
THE MAN IS BAAAAAAAAAACK! With a great song. You better believe I will get his album. I have ALL HIS ALBUMS!
However, I am slightly concerned that this song is a bit on the depressing side.. suicidal almost (towards the end.) BUTTTT still I can never fault the dude. Not when he stormed on the stage with the whole Taylor Swift incident.. and definitely not now.
Listen when... you can stand to listen to Kanye.

Bruno Mars - The Other Side
You might recognise the name from the song he did with B.o.B called Nothing On You.. and he is also the voice of that Billionaire song with Travis McCoy.
GREAT VOICE and I love this song... I could listen to it over and over again. That is all. Basically is perfection with that freshness of Cee-Lo's (from Gnars Barkley) voice too.
Listen when... you want a good treadmill song.

Gotye - Coming Back
Some people will despise this music (skip the song, and this paragraph.. if you're one of those people)...
Okay for those of you who still trust my musical instincts (actually I might have lost you at Taio Cruz.. anyway) these kind of songs are definitely my weakness. They are dramatic and long (some of my all time favourite songs are over 4 minutes). Gotye's music is a little like Jose Gonzales and Mike Patton.. very theatrical.
Listen when...studying, or meditating.

B.o.B - Created a Monster
Ahhhhh B.o.B is fast becoming another favourite musician of mine.. and of course his talents started with producing (i am sure i have said this before.. but producers make the best kind of musicians). This song is catchy ASSSSS!!! And pretty funny lyrics. I cant wait to buy his album. I though I would hate him after his monstrosity that was Nothing On You.. that was just a lame song. But his other hits are far from that lameness (except the video clip is soooo cool though).
Listen when...you need something to motivate you to clean your room.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! SHE DID NOT RETIRE!. Her Born free song was good.. but not as good as XXXO. I just love it. I don't know what else to say about it. She has definitely moved on from some of her original sounds (quite tribal and what ppl would call Bollywood ish) But she is not BOLLYWOOD. She is Tamil (LIKE ME!) and her songs usually have a tamil influence.
Listen when... that guy you like just wont return your texts. what a bitch.

Flight Facilities - Crave You
This song will definitely follow M.I.A's XXXO on your playlist. Hahah.. its pretty, light and has some amazing lyrics. I always listen to this on my home from work at night. Its a great song to sing and humm to. I heard it on triple J and have no idea what their other songs sound like. I especially love the horn section towards the end of the song :)
Listen when... you have just come home from a rager and need to calm down and be lulled to sleep despite the room spinning ..it works.

Plan B - She Said
Now this song is basically a dead ringer for Common's Testify. The same kind of song.. with similar themes and pretty much the same video clip. BUT THIS ONE IS BETTER! OMG HIS VOICE IS LIKE SMOOOOOOOTH BUTTER. Want to know something cool - he not only sings in the song, but is also the rapper in it. Now forward the clip a little to the rapping stage and note the voice differences. I find that absolutely AMAZING.
Listen when... you would like to get your groove on. I listen to this most when I am doing my hair or makeup. Its pretty good. :)

White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
Nothing to say about this song except that it is AWESOME and PERFECTION! Some of the best drum works I have heard in AAAAAAAGES! Its definitely a more rockier song in contrast to the rest of the songs on this list. I don't know much about White Rabbits, I heard this song on both Triple J and on Gossip Girl :D So plus and plus. ENJOY!
Listen when... you're packing up furniture at work..it helps more if you wail in the right parts!

So thank you very much in indulging this loooooooong list of songs. I know its hectic. But I feel it is justified as mentioned earlier; I havent done a music post in so long!

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.


  1. Yo kaz its paddy, lovin' all the music!

  2. You mentioned me! hehe
    Ooh, I shall have to check these out ;)
    And I kid you not, I totes did a draft of my own music I'm loving blog post yesterday to put up Monday! Great minds!!

  3. THANKS PADDY!! We definitely have similar music taste..

    And Jayde - you draft your blog entries? Dayummm i might need to pick my A game up.
    well i cant wait to read yours.


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