Sep 22, 2010


Another late night post by yours truly.
Vented by frustration and my insomniac behaviour (as of late..)
So here I am reading my Issuu subscription before my Hamish+Andy podcast as I head to bed (this is the new routine..)

I come across Nicky Minaj, who: if most of you guys are up-to-date with your POP! Culture is the new act to surface... thanks to her many collaborations with Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Will.I.Am (from Black Eyed Peas), Soulja Boy, but possibly the most famous for her work with Kanye's new one Monster.
I then came across a video of the live concert of her at Jay-Z's concert in New York City with Kanye West. And it got me thinking about of Jay-Z coming to Australia with U2.
Cue rant...

When I first saw the ads promoting U2's mega concert coming to Australia with none other than Jay-Z as the support - I kid you not, I literally shed a tear (along with a massive outcry).
My mother can testify to this...she thought I was a massive crazy by the way when responding to the ad.
No offence to U2, they are amazing artists in their own rights, BUT WHO THE HECK WANTS TO SEEM THEM??? Except for the Baby Boomers and the occasional Gen X.
So who in their right mind decided that Jay-Z should be the one supporting them?!?!?
Its bloody insulting, I say.
For those who want to see Jay-Z. Just Jay-Z!!
I get so jealous (and a little annoyed) when  hear about people (usually my friends' parents) who have bought tix to go and see U2 and are like "So who is this Jay fellow?" Like I said, I am just jealous.
I am more than happy to go and see Jay-Z for you and we can swap tix, and you can go and see U2.

Genius marketing, a collaboration of music genres, owing favours or even the GFC.
Any of these could be reasons behind this match up. But I cry ten times over, because I have been waiting to see Jay-Z in AUS for a verrrrryyyy long time.
Vanity made me believe that he would make a surprise appearance at the Beyonce concert in '05, unfortunately no.
And now he decides to show up as a support act to U2?!?! Not fair Jay-Z. Not fair at all.

This brings me to discuss the annoyance of international artists not touring in Australia.. it might actually just be reserved to the hip hop genre, unless I am wrong.
I have stacks of cds from artists I have loved for a very long time that just havent been bothered tour in AUS... or if they do come its part of a festival line up. AND EVEN THEN - I guarantee you that more times than not, they will not be part of the line up for Brisbane. Big names get reserved for Sydney and Melbourne.
From memory, Kanye West has never toured Australia, and this annoys me so much.
I think the man is a genius, regardless of what other think of him or his music.
There is no way anyone can convince me otherwise.

1. Kanye West - I will give up so much to see this man live.
2. Kid Cudi - maybe he just isnt big enough yet to come down.
3. Snoop Dogg - I hear a rumour he will be touring with The Gorrilaz I believe... :S
4. Pharell / N.E.R.D - only festivals...
5. John Legend - never in Aust
6. Black Eyed Peas - I wasn't old enough, so fair enough.
7. Mos Def and a multitude of other international artists.
8. Mark Ronson - finallyyy... confirmed tour dates. Thanks to Triple J.

And there is no way, that I am the only who feels this way. There is definitely a market here for our love of hip hop. 

On a more personal note (um.. more so than the rant up top) I find it very annoying that I dont have people to go with to these concerts, if the artists do come.. what is wrong with my friends?! Lol, or maybe I just need to broaden my horizons and get me some hip hop loving fiends... or wait till my brother is old enough so we can pow wow these events. Hahaha... I love my friends - definitely - but you guys need to start loving some good music, Lol.

This issue is not restricted to the music scene, I am sure Australia is left out in other areas of pop culture. Luckily we have thriving local scene. Australian hip hop definitely fills my void for this longing for American hip hop. But I am definitely going to try my damn'dest, to bring out these people when I am a big player in the industry.

This blog post is being powered by Kanye's free mp3s from his blog.
Thank you, Mr. West
AND THANK YOU FOR READING... cause you certainly didn't have to. hahaha..

no make up. arrggggghhhhhh... ;)
and wish me luck people, tomorrow is a big step in securing my illustrious  future.
that much closer to ruling the world!
well brisbane anyway...

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kazz, ☮+ xo.

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