Dec 18, 2010

Kre8tif!, Din Altit, Ralph Simon x 17.12.2010

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  • And finally, it was the last day of the krebtif! festival here in Putrajaya for 2010.
  • We finished the festival by attending masterclasses with the head of Mirage Holdings and Scorpio Studios Din Altit. He discussed the important of branding and packaging for IP producers within the digital media sector and how this only will improve your chances to be picked by a studio. This was great news for me, because this is exactly the are of interest I will be getting into once my degrees are completed! Public Relations. 
  • Going on from what Jason Manley (see here) had talked about the last couple of days, it seemed like this industry needs a more solid public relations and consultancy expertise. Which is great for someone like me studying Business and Creative Industries ;)
  • I think a really valid point that Din had mentioned in his talk was the idea of coming to producers and production houses with at least 20% of your capital ready to go, cause its a lot better than 0%. And he goes on to say that in order to do this you should make partners and come together to achieve the same goal. And this seems to be a theme throughout the festival that you dont have to have the best of the best or the biggest budget to produce something of quality and excitement! social media and transmedia are major parts of this business that will be able to launch ideas to the top! Thanks Din Altit, it was an eye opener to the fact that business is still an important aspect in getting IP and content to fruition. 
"Transmedia is real and responsive...branding, builds and esposes your brand through cross platform promotions"
                                                              Din Altit

  • We also had an amazing, talk by Ralph Simon. Seriously so so so gooood!!!!!
  • A little background, Ralph Simon is the inventor of the ringtone, he also acts as U2's and Lady Gaga's mobile strategist!!! I pretty much have talked to Lady Gaga through Ralph Simon in some weird degree of separation way. :)
  • Now, everyone could take a leaf out of this man. His speech was not only so well structured, it was so focused and localised for the Malaysian audience - so instead of constantly using American/English references - Ralph Simon spoke in Malay in some parts of his speech, he used Malaysian references and made the content of his talk accessible to a Malaysian audience. Just go and check out my past tweets I made during his talk here. 
  • I got so much out of his talk, it was really up my alley way with the social media and mobile strategy points.
  • I also took my chance to sit down and interview Jason Manley and got some really good tips from the brains behind Massive Black and TAD. Except embarrassingly I could not say, to save my life!!!!!! Thankfully he was so patient with us, hahaha... The interview is now gone to post production and will post it up soooooon ;)
  • Also got invited to the closing ceremony come industry awards night. So await the photos and post about that later tonight! WOOOOOOOOO. 

Us with Ringtone king himself, Ralph Simon

kazz, ☮c+ xo.

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