Dec 16, 2010

Jason Manley, Kr8tif Festival x 15.12.2010

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  • We officially started the first day of the Kr8tif Festival here at the PICC in Putrajaya, and let me tell you cyberspace - it is an amazing venue. More importantly the turnout was so impressive. 
  • So many creative people are networking trying to get their foot in the industry door. I couldnt help but get swept up. I started networking like a pro, and got my card out to as many mentors and speakers present on the day.
  • I brought along my notepad and scribbled as many notes and tips as I could to share with anyone that will hear it.
  • I met an incredible professional named Jason Manley - who is seriously the rock god of the art and animation world. People were literally going up to him and getting autographs for their sketch books. Very very cool. I walked in on his keynote speech, and hip hop was playing. I was thinking, yes this is exactly where I need to be. Learnt some great tips which you will soon be able to read on Nebulocities. A site that I have been asked to contribute on as part of this whole conference trip.
“Be mindful, think and always be purposeful ”
                                                                                  Jason Manley
  • He gave some incredible insight on how as an artist, designer or basically as any type of creative you still need to have that business hat, at the ready, to put on. More on some of this amazing tips coming soon, I promise people :) Also I amazingly scored an interview with him. So I might also post that as well.

Until then, talk to you soon!

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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