Dec 17, 2010

Networking, Hitting the wall, Tiara Jacquelina x 16.12.2010

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  • A busy busy busy day. It takes a lot to be successful, I can tell you that. All today I was busy networking and passing out my business cards. 
  • It was also the official launching ceremony today, where there was a spectacular light show (so I will break the rules and actually post two pictures here) The light boxes lit up as the VIPs placed their hands on them :D
  • I met some amazing new talent and new practitioners that I have come to really admire. And all creative practitioners from the second day of Kre8tif festival had one common theme. Passion. We need to instil passion and drive in order to achieve what it is that we want. And not to be afraid of risks that may come.
  • I helped to set up some interviews for my fellow team members and record these interviews. These interviews look amazing! And like I have mentioned plenty of time before, they will all be posted on the Nebulocities page. Come on... you know you want to click the link ;)
  • But I must put it out there that I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass I attended that was hosted by Malaysia's favourite fictional princess Tiara Jacquelina. Jacquelina is the producer and force behind the famous Puteri Gunung Ledang empire that was nominated for an Academy Award. 
“The Puteri Gunung Ledang empire started to "keep the legends young and in the consciousness of Malaysian youth”
                                                                           Tiara Jacquelina
  • She has a widely acclaimed production company here in Malaysia called Enfiniti Prodcutions. The first ever Malaysian movie ever to be nominated for an Academy Award actually :) It just gave me goose bumps to write that, cause I think that is just an amazing achievement. She drove in to her audience today that you dont need to always hire acclaimed professionals when wanting to make an amazing movie. Jacquelina mentioned that she hired a predominantly a young and unexperienced cast. Purely because they had said they could get the job done and at a standard and price set out by Enfiniti Productions. She employed starting up digital media professionals and really exploited social media in order to target a large market for Puteri Gunung Ledang
  • She wanted to open the door for other Malaysians to be able to produce movies that will be loved by a huge crowd and not be condemned as just "another local movie". And she did it.

We work hard, and play even harder. Me and Dominique nerding it out Kre8tif style... 

kazz, ☮+ xo.

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