Dec 25, 2010

merry christmas and the culmination of X Media Lab & Kre8tif!

How has everyone's day turned out? Some maybe rushing from relative to relative... some stuck at work? ....some opening a bazillion presents?

I am here in Kuala Lumpur, spending this day with a whole day watching CSI marathons! :D
This whole day on AXN, the channel is showing reruns of CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York. Hell Yeah! I honestly should have bought myself a present to play with today.. but I guess my dad's mobile internet thing he got me for while I am here in KL, is my present.. ;)

Also I got treated to a pretty tasteful dinner last night (christmas eve) at an old hangout spot! So that was pretty coooooool.

I also can not wait for the new year.
Last year of uni,
More exciting projects,
Which reminds me I need to figure out some resolutions. I stuck to almost all of mine from this year, so thats a great sign!

*the photo a day challenge will have to comprised into all one day today :)
I have not had the internet so I have been unable to stick to my challenge. But I thought I have done pretty well. Hahaha..
Just some of the stuff I have been upto. Mostly with my XML and Kre8tif gang.

Interviewing the head of division at MDEC
Backdrop to Putrajaya, a beautiful city. Kinda reminds me of Paris, no?
Watching these 2 dance was one of the best highlights.

The closing ceremony for kre8tif! 
Pop Shuvit! are one of my favourite Malaysian bands. Check them out!
 Recognie the necklace Dominique is wearing? No? 
What I wore to the event. It had to be professional and glamourous at the same time. So we all chose black. Hahaha.. I love this combination of black, silver, coral and turquoise.
 We were also treated to a drumline (Malaysia style) and some B-Boys.

X Media Lab started its workshops. Go and read my twitter feed for more on that.

Then all the mentors and us got treated to a tour around Putrajaya and The Arts and Craft Market in KL City.
 All us girls had to deck on these Jedi' esque robes to be more modest for the mosques.
Then the fishes. Everyone got treated to those pirana fishes that bite off your dead skin. Yum, a natural exfoliant. =|

The whole X Media Lab Crew, Mentors and us.
Such amazing, talented and friendly people.

I had a great week, albeit a tough one.
It was a lot of work, but seriously other QUT kids, if you get a chance to complete the QUT Team for X Media Lab next year. I seriously urge that you do it. It just opens up so many doors and completely re-arranges the plans you thought you had figured out for your life plan.
It definitely did that for me.
kazz, ☮+ xo.

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  1. I miss your face! Glad you're having such a fab time. Mwah!

    J xox


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