Jun 3, 2010

semester is over, and i am ready to party, (update)

yep yep, the uni smester is over for me for now.. :)
and i have like two months of holidays!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
what will i be doing?
well there is a checklist that i am compiling, and one of them will be like a top ten list for winter. (styling wise i mean). and things like driving lessons, and signing up for classes but also heaps of DIY and Parties to attend to. :) how exciting. i have been having so much fun with the EOS its practically illegal. lol, and once i finish sizing+editing them, i shall share with the world. but for now, i am catching up some blogs!!!!!! and i found the most divine wedges!!!!

courtesy of jak+jil

i want them sooooo badly!
and yet i know i have no idea where to find them, or how i would afford them LOL!
tell you what though, now that the uni semester is over, that super secret project will hopefully come into fruition!!!!!
i need to start designing cards ;)

**just found out that these Tan Marni Wedges.. in the process of ebaying them. haha
i have acquired an expensive taste bug. all i keep looking at are things over $50.
you know me, if it aint on sale.. they you cant make me buy it. I AM SO CHEAP.

Mimco is having 50% off sale.
Sportsgirl having 50% sale

Cotton On are having a sale - they're men section has some great androgynous stuff for like $20.
Diva still having their crazy sale.  It is the best time to go and get stackable rings and bracelets and chains.
Priceline are having their Pink Dot Sale - GREAT MAKE UP FOR CHEEEEEEAAAAAP!


i will probably be posting a lot more shizz throughout the day!
so catchya then people.

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.

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