May 14, 2010

DIY: Bracelet + Ring Combo

As stated in my previous blog post, I have been lusting over a bracelet + ring combo for a lil while now.. and they just look so easy to make, so i promtly decided that i would indeedy make one.
and here is the process. here is another disclaimer again.. I am hopeless at doing tutorial/tutorial blog posts.. so hopefully you guys understand it.. if not - shoot us an email/comment and i shall explain better.. haha :)

Chain Cutter
Gold Chain - mine is 2m
Jump Rings
Long thin hook things that you attach a charm - lol.

Measure the gold chain around your wrist, and cut to length.. now depending on how big or small your clasp is, youre going to want to keep this writs length a little shorter. So, my clasp was pretty huge, so i decided to cut the wrist length a little tighter than the original size.

Now, youre going to do the same for the measurement/length of your finger. I wanted it to be my middle finger, cause i love when things look balanced.. but it would be pretty cool to experiment with like your pinky, or index finger.. heck why not even your thumb!
I wanted three different layers to the ring finger-to give it a more chunky look- so I cut 2 more lengths for that.

cool, now you want to loop these finger lengths on to a jump ring like so...
then, you want to loop the end of that length on to the same jump ring, creating a... loop i guess, lol.
if you only have the one then obviously you're done. but keep going for all the different chain lengths if you have more than cool would it be, if i did one that covered my whole finger!!!
now you want to cut the length of the chain that will be connected to the bracelet and the ring. so, measure that. then you want to loop this chain on to a jump ring. depending on how many connectors you want. i wanted three, so i connected those. 

then, you need to figure where on the bracelet you want the connectors to come from. the best way is to obviously lay em down like i have here.. then you want to connect the end of the connector length to a jump ring and the point where it will connect to the bracelet. and close the jump ring tight. continue for the rest.
now, you can obviously go ahead and connect this bracelet and connectors straight to the ring. but i decided to add a charm, so i went ahead and did that.

now you just have to connect all your different sections. and voila!
you have yourself a very chic and bohemian bracelet and ring combo :)

hope you enjoyed the tutorial! :)
and definitely share some pics if you decided to make one!
as always, thanks for reading!
and i am more than welcome to take some challenges for some DIY projects ;)

kazz; xo amped+dangerous.


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