Aug 11, 2013

EXO - 으르렁 (GROWL)

UM...So can we please just take three minutes to just watch. Please

It's like watching a Justin Timberlake video on K-Pop stroids! The song itself is super catchy (no idea what the words are... but I am going to go and find out) what with the beautifully pop beat and infectious melody. But its the over all misc-en-scene of the production that really captures my attention - clearly after one google search, I am not the only one. Watch other reaction videos here. 

My favourite reaction video comes from Youtube sisters WhitJojoTV. Everything from the fashion, dance moves and overall genesequois** of this video has had me smiling from ear to ear. Korean Pop doesn't get any better than this!

Hit replay one more time!
For more K-Pop love, click here.

**Woah, two french film theory references in one post. You know it.

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