Aug 8, 2013


Howdy! Recently, I was asked by a lovely lady - Bex from The Street Complex - to compile a list of "essentials". I love putting lists like this together, but wanted a theme for my list to center around; and what better theme than an essential list for the wardrobe of a "on-the-move" go-getter. Though I have girl up the tittle there, this list is in actual fact unisex!

I find that I am always on the go. Whether its for my freelance work, actual work and/or a day of thrifting and DIY’ing, I am always running from one space to the other. So my wardrobe consists of many pieces that are function for durability, changeability and allows me to work througout the day in both comfort and style. Whether you’re a dude or a lady, o if you’re a fellow on-the-go-er, I suggest these babies remain a constant in our every changing wardrobes.

Plain or printed. You can’t go wrong with t-shirts, they are so versatile. A perfectly fitting t-shirt can make one looking super chic in such an effortless way. Its the staple that can save your outfits allowing it to be mixed and matched with practically everything! Its can be tailored and feminine when worn with a printed skirt or slap on a statement necklace if you’re ready to par-tee! And when you grow bored of your plain t-shirts, why not amp it up by embellishing it a little (ideas here and here).

The working man’s favourite trousers. Or woman, in my case. I love my jeans, I wear it dressed up and down - to parties and award ceremonies - I honestly can not see myself living without a good pair of jeans, they are the perfect addition to tie any outfit together. And being so durable, they make an excellent piece for when I’m running my multitude of errands.

Every person should have their signature scent - but I also believe that this can change from season to season. I find that there is something so powerful about perfumes, they can set the tone of a person, even before they are introduced. There is nothing more satisfying that when you’re about to meet friends at a bar after a long and hard day of doing work - to be able to splash on some Gucci Flora or Alien just to revive yourself.

Transeasonal Jacket
Whether its a parka, camo or denim jacket, this piece of clothing is a must have for the on-the-move gal. Its the perfect layering piece, you can protect yourself from any crazy weather or all those clumsy coffee spills (oh no, just me?) from ruining the perfectly curated outfit underneath. My khaki parka is my Superman cape.

A woman on the go can get halted quick when she is out of time. And although almost everything comes with a clock these days (phones, computers & tablets) - a watch is essential to give a polished look to your outfit.

Flats and heels are okay, but Converses add a certain street credibility or edge to outfits which I find very sexy. The classic Converse All-Star are stand the test of time and are so comfortable, you wished you owned a pair in every colour. But I would stick to getting a black and white pair first and then get a statement colour - mine currently are a beautiful plum/oxblood colour.

Tote Bag
When I’m thrifting or going from a “work to bar” kind of situation, my tote bag is my holy grail. It fits other essentials like my make up bag, perfume, and possibly even a change of shoes to ensure that I can indeed transition from working girl to socialite. But when I am thrifting or hunting for DIY supplies, I find it the best accessory so that I can stash all my bits and bobs, instead of wrestling and balancing ten different carry bags. 

What do you think of the list? What would you add? 

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