Aug 26, 2012


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Not since Beyonce's Single Ladies phenomenal video clip have I a) heard so much about a video
clip's choreography and b) have wanted to learn said music video's choreography.

I woke up yesterday morning to a stream of "Gangam Style" memes exploding all over my Facebook feed and without knowing anything about the viral hit; it continue to haunt me last night (when ironically we went to dinner at a Korean restaurant) where my friend obsessed about it over a plate of Korean pancake. 

So naturally I got home and Googled this new viral hit and to my absolute delight found PSY's K-Pop Hit Gangnam Style. Proudly sitting at 56 Million Views ** Gangnam Style comes from celebrated K-Pop artist PSY's sixth studio album.

**Oh jeez, over night the video has increased by another two million views.

So according to PSY the video is an ironic view of the lifestyle young Koreans aspire to these days. Citing Beverly Hills as inspiration PSY is questioning the choices made by young Koreans who are in serious and massive credit card debt in order to maintain a lifestyle that reflects the rich and famous. See it as more of a PSA from PSY if you will...

But how the 60s dance style; The Pony and five year old break dancers (Hwang Min-woo of Korea's Got Talent) come into the equation of arguing against mass spending and disposable incomes is beyond me and many other music lovers. Ha!  Although you cant deny that PSY has definitely helped further popularisation of K-Pop to westerns countries across the globe thanks to his addictive track.

Personally I am IN LOVE with the production and styling of the video. The way K-Pop artists are styled remains on of my guiltiest pleasures to observe, and PSY's Gangnam Style is no different - um helloooo harem safari shorts, bright neon yellow suits and those amazing key hole sunglasses PSY sports throughout the video clip. #thatshitcray But this is nothing new to PSY, as he is actually a very flamboyant and sharply dressed guy in his own right.

Whether you choose to appreciate the feast of a video clip this is or its song, you are only hearing and seeing the beginning of what PSY has created with Gangnam Style.

Get ready for Gangnam Style memes, invisible pony riding flash mobs and countless attempts of the song at all popular culture outlets near you!

What do you think of PSY's Gangnam Style?A love and hate relationship? Or do you stand black and white about the viral video?

Reference: A lot of my info came from this Yahoo article by Grace Stanisci.
Images: SoompiMNetKStar News

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