Jul 26, 2013


That is definitely not the question. 
'Cause it seems like "twerking" is just about all the rage now. 

Busta Rhyme's new single "Twerk It" ft Tosh & Nikki Minaj was released recently and it features a new sound from the hip hop legend with a more striped back and heavy bass edge. I actually really like this song, despite the slow build. But when it does build, it builds good - and that's kind of Pharrel's (producer) trademark. Although surprisingly, despite its' title, the song's video clip tastefully refrains from too much overtly sexual (physically impossible for some) dance move. Unlike this not-so-subtle video and tune from Diplo where I first learned of the "twerk". The music video and dance move made such an impact that when it was released, fans immediately took it and started uploading their twerking attempts - which Mad Decent decided to run a comp with.

Though Diplo's influence - who I credit to really getting the movement up and running - has been around since mid last year; there seems to be an increase of twerkers, twerking and twerk related material. Everyone from Major Lazer to Jay-Z have commented on this new pop culture phenomenon. Though largely centered around hip hop music, twerking has made it into mainstream pop music, thanks to the one and only Miley Cyrus with her newest single "We Cant Stop" where she can be seen twerking to her own music. Despite it's overtly sexual context, the dance movement doesn't seem to be offending mass society and therefor it continues to grow. I honesty think this is due to how physically difficult it can be to #twerk and still look good.

2013 - The year the world learned to twerk.

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