Mar 27, 2013


I have been toying with this topic for quite some time now. I have had long and meaningful conversations with people I look up to and admire in our community about this. Discussing with them about the topic of when they first thought they were into style and looking good. With a lot of the people I have met, they wouldn't necessarily have considered themselves to be "into fashion". But I would disagree, I believe that if you have taken the time to think about how you get dressed in the morning - no matter where you're going; work, school, running errands or even to the gym, if you make conscious decisions about how you want to reflect yourself to society, I believe that you care about style and how you choose to portray yourself to society.

Vintage Denim Overalls (Etsy) • Ralph Lauren Oxford • Vintage Pierre Cardin Clutch • Straw Boater Hat (Clothes Swap) • Jeremy Scott for Swatch Watch • Converse High Tops
The thought occurred to me when I actually purchased my very own pair of vintage denim overalls. I was piss broke, and couldn't really afford to be purchasing anything since I am technically supposed to be saving. But I found the perfect pair of denim overalls circa 90s on Etsy. I had been obsessed with repurchasing a pair of denim overalls since this post. And I wouldn't settle for one that wasn't what I had in mind. After waiting what felt like forever for my overalls to arrive from Albany, USA, my pair arrived and I put them on straight away! My grandparents thought I was crazy but for all the right reason. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for having purchased an awesome pair of denim overalls. 

I remember looking at them thinking... "Holy shit, I actually did this - I just bought myself a pair of denim overalls". Now I know most people would think of me and say that I was long into fashion way before my Denim Overall moment. But it was at this precise moment where I consciously reflected on how important style and clothes are to me. Style and other stylish people make me lust after things which most people would consider silly or frivolous.
One of my recent favourite quotes from Youtuber (and one of my fav style bloggers) Jenn from Clothes Encounters.
I'm into style, and I am into fashion and the way my wardrobe reflects on my identity and adds to my personality. I am also into other people who share the same fascination for clothes and how simple thread and cloth can reflect, inspire and transcend emotions you otherwise wouldn't be able to communicate. And I think this is one reason why street style is a huge past time for a lot of people, we enjoy seeing how other people choose to wear clothes - 'cause its something we all do, and finding the difference in how others communicate their style.

If you have the same kind of passion and love for style and fashionable people, make sure you check out one of my all time favourite website: Style Like U. I am so in love with the concept of this site and the people behind it that for the longest time I wouldn't share the site - it was my own secret. But it's time to share the love. It where I find the most inspiration for my everyday dressing.

Some of my favourite Style Like U posts:
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When did you know you were into fashion, style and looking good? 

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  1. Congratulations, overalls are over all the best thing to wear ! that's how life on earth become heaven !:) I'm wearing overalls all the time and it makes life so much easier and more fun, and the very good thing with overalls is that they just become better and better as you are wearing them out and start to patch them etc. ! Enjoy your overalls ! niels


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