Mar 30, 2013


I have only just started playing the full stream of Tyler's newest album; Wolf (out officially April 2) and it is just so good! The album was prematurely released for streaming on the Odd Future SoundCloud page. And whilst the production value and sounds have matured and evolved, Tyler's signature self deprecating and humorous raps have stayed. Since the release of the single. Domo 23, I have been in high anticipation of this album and so far it has not disappointing! Boasting collaboration of the likes Pharrel, Erykah Badu and of course other Odd Future members like Frank Ocean and Hodgy - Wolf is dynamic, powerful and flows very smoothly - making it such easy listening! So what you waiting for? Click here to listen to the full set and let me know what you think! 

Story via Hypetrack.

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