Mar 20, 2013


Ahhh yes. It truly is the end of an era. Google Reader is shutting its doors to a world of blog and website subscription. Kind of annoyed by the news as I love my Google Reader to catch up on my blog roll, but at the same time excited to get back on to Bloglovin. And that is exactly where you will find A&D listed too :)
Bloglovin even have made it easy to transfer your blog roll on to theirs.
And if you are also a fellow blogger 1) Make sure you have registered your blog on Bloglovin and 2) Leave me the link to your Bloglovin below!  

So make sure you say your peace with Google Reader and switch over to (my preferred method of catching up on blogs) Bloglovin. Follow Amped & Dangerous on Bloglovin by clicking here.


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