Feb 19, 2013


Yes. It’s happening, I am discussing Miley (Destiny Hope) Cyrus fashion status. Miley’s incredibly nuanced stylistic evolution is one that intrigues me deeply. Unlike a Vanessa Hudgens or Demi Lavato, this Disney alumni’s sartorial changes happened what seemed like overnight. BAM! Haircut Maam, we have a new Miley! And I love her for it! I feel like this a moment in life we all wish we could have, to be able to reinvent ourselves almost overnight. I feel that Miley dresses for herself (something to admire in today's society), and has painstakingly carved (with help) her own signature look instead of blending into the comfort of mainstream fashion.

Now I am sure all of you are thinking, never would someone like Miley be considered a fashion icon. right? Well not too many anyway. But that’s the beauty of her transformation. It’s so unexpected. I first came across Miley Cyrus as the talented and dual persona as Hannah Montana. The show, anchored by her famous singer father, catapulted Miley into popularity as a teenage/tween icon. Back here, her style was laid back and much reflected her character - it was cute country meets city chic. Think tunics, bell bottoms, hot pants and boots. And all that curly hair of course.

But as we all have experienced, Miley’s outfits became a little more “experimental” (it’s the most PC way I can phrase this) and to be quite honest, I think this phase really let Miley’s fashionable image down. It was super trampy and not refined at all. A hot mess, I guess. I mean, she had key pieces, but it was just styled very lazily. I point to the exhibits above and below.
But thank god it didn’t last very long. I am going to files these under “Let’s Pretend it Never Happened” folder.
And after many.... many! failed outfits, we find ourselves in a time period where Miley experimented with a little more polish but armed with the same pizazz. This is one (below, the red plaid number) of my favourite outfits from Miley. And I’ll tell you why. This was the moment (early 2012) that I began to notice Miley’s blooming fashion changes. This outfit screams NY CHIC but has enough personality to not look like its been torn out of Vogue’s sacred pages.
But of course with many of our starlets, they have acquired the necessary help to achieve sartorial status, and Miley had one of the best. She hailed the services of super talented stylist; Simone Harouche. She is herald for changing up Dirty Xtina to Back to Basic pin up Aguilera (ref: Coveteur). Simone is also responsible for taking over from Rachel Zoe in regards to Nicole Richie’s wardrobe. So our Miley is in good hands really - or maybe I’m biased ‘cause I just love Simone’s work. She has polished Miley up and given her a new identity one that simultaneously separates her from:
      • Famous Dad/Family
      • Hannah Montana Image
      • Disney Alumni Mafia
      • Being Chris Hemsworth's significant other.  

Which now brings me to the new hair and why I think Miley is a one to watch on the fashion scene. The haircut is of course a major player in why I chose to dedicate this post to Miley. ‘Cause for as much shit as she got in the early stages of the haircut, she actually looks f***ing killer and absolutely gorgeous with a crop hairdo. When you think about it, no one else could really pull off something like that, and Miley does it with such a care free attitude!

And of course, with new hair comes new wardrobe. This one involving a lot of street style inspiration; appropriating street culture as well as some high end flair which produce a style that is editorial, yet accessible. She’s now hanging out with the likes of Cara and Marc Jacobs and has given herself an edge that I think is monumental in a town like Hollywood. You go girlfriend!                     

Miley Cyrus, another one of my pop culture Guilty Pleasures.

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