Feb 17, 2013


I was recently inspired by a top in Glassons for this DIY project. Well, Glassons and some Tumblr  street style images. It's not my usual crazy full blown out DIY project - but I think this handy tip/trick  could completely change the way you look at a simple tee-shirt. I am psyched to show you guys how mine turn out - but first read on for the inspiration behind this particular DIY.

I have really been enjoying my uniform of basic t-shirts and jeans. You can read more about my latest style inspiration here and here. As I tend to go for more slouchy/oversized tshirt look, the sleeves usually fall at such an unflattering length on me. So I have been rolling my short sleeved tshirt up for a more flattering shape. But this is no accident - I really love the look of rolled sleeves, on print button downs or just on a basic tee. It's kinda sports chic grunge/urban street style - of which I love so much. Although, I think the kids these days are calling it “Tumblr Style” - either way, I love me some rolled short sleeves action.
I think the short rolled sleeves take a shirt from looking dates and simple to looking more relaxed and thrown together. I know that doesnt completely make sense, but it does. The rolled sleeve to me looks like you have put thought into how a piece of clothing hangs on you. Polished. Am I crazy for thinking so? Maybe. I especially love it on guys who roll up their printed button downs. Its 50's rockabilly meets surfer chic. (I just make this shit up as I go by the way - but I feel like this best describes what I mean). 
But in terms of womanswear, its very chic these days to own a tshirt which you can roll up - case in point; these lovely ladies below.
These ladies exude relaxed and carefree attitude.Always a goal of mine when dressing.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find that I always have to keep adjusting the sleeves so that it doesn’t fall down again. And this can get super annoying. So I found the perfect trick that can fix this issue. But more on this in part two of the DIY.

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