Dec 8, 2012


So I am still obsessing over accessories and bags. I am devastated that my beautiful Fossil bag has lost its zipper, and now I am reeling at the idea of having to get myself a new bag. So I went in search for some inspiration when I came across this kick ass post from Vintage Virgin, where Jess V. parades in her beautiful attire matched perfectly with a sleek transparent clutch. And of course, what a perfect transition into Spring/Summer than arming yourself with one of the season’s biggest trends; a transparent clutch.

Before the emergence of such clear clutches came from the house of Valentino and Stella McCartney, I want to say that Charlotte Olympia was the first to bring the idea of a transparent clutch to the forefront of fashion (I remember her Pandora clutch distinctly from her Paris show back in 2010). Since then Chanel, Prada and Fendi have followed suit. But the force of the internet has now seen the trendy transparent clutch easily accessible by us mere mortals thanks to the slew of online retailers offering the beautifully piece for a small fortune. 

The transparent clutch look is one that is both futuristic and refined. Not at all clinical, which was my first fear when I saw the looks from the runway. It shows off the wearer’s personality from within; ie. what kind of purse, phone and sunglasses you’re toting around for daily use.

When discussing the trend, a few of my friends shared my concern of “Holy shit, people are going to know what’s in our bags!” And being that, I have always believed in the idiom of “you are likely to be a target if people can see you” -I too was worried for my bag's safety. You know the whole, "If they cant see me, I don’t exist”? - or in this case, its a case of “I am more likely to get mugged if people can see what I'm carrying around in my clutch” crap - yeah, I totally believe that. But for the sake of being fashion forward I am willing to let go some of these paranoias. Hard (or weird) as it may be.

Here are some beautiful options for everyone to choose when in search of a transparent clutch. I have collated below some of my favourite finds. P.S, prices are not in Australian Dollar.

1// Charlotte Olympia • Pandora ($895). A structured version of the trend.
2// Kenzo • Transparent Square Clutch ($355). A coloured version is something you could opt for if a completely clear clutch is a little daunting.
3// 3.1 Phillip Lim • 2-IN-1 31” Transparent Clutch ($402). By far my favourite of the bunch! It comes with a cute insert too so that you can conceal your treasures!
5// Twice-Lux • Lucite Studded Clutch ($25). A cheaper option for all of us on a budget - and even better its Etsy-Made!

But (of course!) I am more inspired by these beautiful DIY versions (it is DIY DECEMBER after all). An original one from Honestly WTF... (top) and a more recent (and very simple & achievable) DIY tutorial from A Pair & A Spare (bottom). I already have some ideas on making my own version. And if I do, I will definitely have to show you! :) But to be honest, you don't even need to go and fasten one from scratch. Think about those stationary shops - where you can buy some clear folders with a snap back button on the front - get one of those baby, and you're good to go!  

So what do you think of the transparent clutch trend; cool or just plain stupid?


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