Dec 6, 2012


December is most definitely a very expensive month for a lot of people. With Christmas around the corner, there are gifts to buy, food to prepare and party bon bons to create. So I am always trying to find a thriftier alternative to get into the Christmas spirit. And one of my favourite cost cutting methods are DIY Christmas Cards and Gift Tags! They end up being super original and unique too!

Just about everyone knows that I am a massive fan of DIY Cards (check out my DIY Birthday Card Video here). And I totally inherited this gene from my "Oma". She makes the most wonderful Christmas cards (pictured below), they are absolutely devine! And they aren't really very hard to do it all. So instead of shelling out over $5 a card, why not take an afternoon to yourself (or with some friends! I always condone DIY parties) and get DIY'ing on some cards and gift tags. 

The process is almost exactly the same as my DIY Birthday Card post. You needs some card stock, glue, scissors, and inspiration material. You can print these out or one my favourite methods's is to source them from my pile of magazines. 

Another unique (and very quick & easy) way to make the cards are by buying some Christmas fabric from Lincraft or Spotlight. You can get these materials for so cheap! Just cut around the edges, glue it on to the card stock and et voila' you got yourself a personalised Christmas card of gift tag! With the gift tag obviously, you want to just a punch a whole in the corner and tie some string through it.
I used December's issue of Harpers Bazaar (Georgia May Jagger on the cover) and some scrapbooking paper I was given, for these cards. Pop-tastic!

I'm going for a bright/neon pop art kind of theme with my Christmas cards and tags this year. I really love how they are turning out! Hope you're enjoying DIY December! Few more Christmas inspiration to come :) Peace Out!


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