Dec 20, 2012


Tagged to complete the "Winter Favourites" list. But since I am of a Southern Hemisphere geography, I just switched the words Winter > Summer :) Have a read if you're curious about some of my favourite summer and holiday products and pieces.

1 • Favorite summer nail polish:

OPI's Monsooner Or Later

2 • Favorite summer lip product:

A combo of Bloom's Tangerine Lip Gloss and Rimmel's Nude Delight

3 • Most worn summer piece:

My t-shirts, in particular this B&W Striped number and my DIY Givenchy Inspired T-Shirt

4 • Most worn summer accessory:

Vintage Handmade 70s Topaz Ring (Sammi Davis Jr has a similar one!), Red Casio & A+D Tassel Bracelet

5 • Most worn summer scent/candle:

Loverdose by Diesel

6 • Favorite summer beverage:
Bourban, Soda, Lime & Mint

7 • All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie:

Mean Girls (2004), Home Alone (1990) & Batman Returns (1992)

8 • Favorite Christmas/Holiday song:

9 • Favorite holiday food/treat:

10 • What's your favorite Christmas decoration this year?

These little Japanese climbing men wall hanging - which to me, look like little Santa's climbing :)

11 • What's at the top of your Xmas list?
Jellies in Red
• The Weeknd Trilogy
• Alt-J An Awesome Wave

12 • What are your plans for the holidays this year?
I am saving up for some really important things to come in 2013, so I am just working a lot. But apart from that I am going to be concentrating more on A&D as well as making more jewellery to sell at markets :)

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