Dec 18, 2012


I love getting inspiration from street style and this one is one that keeps re-appearing on my Tumblr. Considering, the weather is hot and humid, and sometimes our sense of style can be hindered in the interest of keeping cool and breezy. So the split skirt is the perfect combination of being sartorially forward and not dying of heat exhaustion.
I'm sure you already know where I am going with this one. All you need for this DIY is to purchase some fabulous fabric scissors (Lincraft, Spotlight, Etsy) and a skirt that you are willing to slit up. The fabric scissors are key so that you get a clean cut and it will ensure that you don't fray the fabric as much. 
And there is a variety of ways in which you can slit. I am really digging the double slits - especially when paired with a delicate camisole. Or go original and just slit it Angelina style down the side. Make sure its your best side ;) Or you could go a step further and slit the skirt and add a zip like this Maurie & Eve piece (on the left worn by Sara, Harper & Harley).

• THRIFT IT: If you don't have any of your maxis lying around, then head to your local thrift store or op shop and purchase a maxi (which will be in high rotation thanks to something called the fashion life cycle) and get cutting. 
• BE FAKE: You are going to get a much better result if the material of the skirt is synthetic - so polyster or viscose. As these guys don't fray as badly. This is so that you don't have to go back in and sew the seams. 'Cause seriously... who has time for that. 
• RUN A LITTLE GLUE: If you do happen to find a fabulous skirt but it looks like it is about to fray in its first wash, then what you can do is grab yourself some super heavy duty (water and temperature resistant) glue and paint a thick line on the seams, and this should stop the fabric from fraying. 
• TABLE TOP: Lay the skirt on your dining table (or floor) and make sure you fold a faux seam where you want to cut - this will ensure that you get a straight line through. 
• A LITTLE AT A TIME: Make sure you slit just a little at a time, and keep trying it on - until you get to the right height - which personally, I think should be mid thigh. 

So get slitting guys! This one is so easy, you wished you had kept all your maxis for this one.

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Images: Fashionising •  Song of Style • Chloe Resort '13 • Harper & Harley • Maurie & Eve • ChictopiaModern Legacy

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