Dec 24, 2012


I have been so into homewares lately, after re-decorating and organising my room and looking at all the pretty interior pictures on blogs, my little homebody self has been scouring for inspiration. And when I found this DIY from who else but the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to try it. I'm not kidding when I say that there isn't much to this DIY. Anyone can do it. There is minimum cost, time and effort on your part but the rewards are plentiful!

Behold the DIY Sharpie/Permanent Marker Mug. Design your heart away!

What You Need:
1/ Mugs. Porcelain is what you're looking for here for the designs to stick to the mug. 
2/ Sharpies. Or permanent markers as we call them in the Land of Oz.
3/ Oven. Set and preheating to the highest temp (roughly 290˚C). 

1/ Start by drafting your design on some paper so you know exactly what you're going to design on to the mug. You can get a ton of inspiration from either Pinterest or Google Images. Of course if you're a daredevil, then go ahead and start designing straight on to the mug ;)

2/ Once finished, just stick the mug into the oven and let bake for 30 minutes. Then make sure it is completely cool before you start using them :) 

TOP TIP: Make sure that when you're designing your mug, you're using thick and heavy lines as opposed to thin and light ones. Cause these guys will bake off in the oven. 
I'm pretty pysched about my mugs. These guys are such an easy gift idea and you can make some pretty cute designs or funny ones depending on who you're giving it too :) I wanted a tropical theme going on with my mug as well as my signet! Really dig how it turned out!

Have an amzing Christmas tomorrow gang! You will most definitely be hearing from before then anyway, but if not: stay safe & happy holidays! xx

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