Dec 2, 2012


I only just recently got into Hart of Dixie, and I am loving the wardrobe and music from the show; my favourite wardrobe belongs to Jaime King's character Lemon Breeland.

I love love love love television. All part of the pop culture love affair, but its also where I get a lot of my style and music inspiration from. Recently, my cousin dropped of Season 1 of Hart of Dixie. I must admit that when she gave it to me, I was very skeptical about the show, but after exhausting the latest seasons of Game of Thrones and Dexter, it was high time I plunged myself in to the land of the Dixie and Rachel Bilson.

I’ve now ended up being addicted to the show. Its pretty funny with some original storyline, but its the characters in the show that make it a runaway success (in my opinion). The soundtrack and cast wardrobe also drew me in to the show. Where the music is an eclectic mix of indie-country and soul-blues, the wardrobe on the show is diverse and very stylised. Each character has his or her own style and fashion sense, and though all different, they all happen to just ”work”. But my favourite wardrobe belongs to the character; Lemon Breeland

The absolutely gorgeous Jaime King plays Lemon, an archetypal Southern Bell, with a wardrobe that could make any retro lover scream with joy! Meredith Markworth-Pollack (assistant stylist on the set of Gossip Girl) is the acclaimed costume director for the show. From classic 1950s dresses and diamonds to tailored 1940s palazzo pants, Lemon Breeland is one dashingly dressed betty. Somehow, her stereotypical vintage attires doesn’t seem out of place in the show. It actually ends up highlighting Jaime King’s natural beauty.

Do you have a current/all time favourite wardrobe of a tv character???

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  1. I love Dixie! I've been watching since it started and it has grown on me SO much! And I LOVE me some George Tucker. Hot damn. I can't say I love all of Lemon's wardrobe, but there are definitely some gorgeous pieces that I have coveted!


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